Former Palace Employee ‘Furious’ That Kate Middleton Has Become a ‘Casualty’ in Prince Harry and Meghan’s War Against the Royal Family

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Here is what a former royal worker has to say about the new allegations plaguing the Princess of Wales and different members of the Agency.

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A lately launched guide has rocked the royal household by bringing about some undesirable headlines.

Endgame is by Omid Scobie who additionally authored the pro-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle biography Discovering Freedom in which the duchess admitted to passing alongside info for. Over the years, Scobie has even been referred to as Meghan’s “mouthpiece” which is one more reason why many individuals imagine the accusations in the newest guide got here instantly from Harry’s spouse.

Many royal watchers are referring to Endgame as simply one other instance of the Sussexes’ battle on the household they left years in the past. Now somebody who used to work for the royals is blasting the guide saying it’s aimed to make the Princess of Wales (previously often called Kate Middleton) a “casualty.”

Princess Diana’s butler says he’s offended that Kate has develop into a ‘casualty’ in Sussexes’ battle

Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle meet members of the public on the Long Walk at Windsor Castle
Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle meet members of the public on the Lengthy Stroll at Windsor Citadel | Kirsty O’Connor – WPA Pool/Getty Pictures

Paul Burrell started working in the royal family when he was 18 years outdated and served as one in all Queen Elizabeth II‘s personal footmen. In 1987, he was moved to the household of then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana. After they separated, Burrell stayed on the staff as the princess’s butler till her loss of life in 1997.

The previous Palace worker is one in all the many individuals asking the place else the info in Endgame might have come from moreover Meghan or somebody in the Sussexes’ camp.

Talking on behalf of Slingo he questioned: “Where did [Scobie] get all the information from in the first place? I doubt very much that he has had an audience with the king.”

Burrell acknowledged that he’s “furious” at how Kate has develop into a casualty of the grenades launched at the royals in the Sussexes’ battle towards the household saying: “How dare [Scobie] criticize [Kate] who has given up her life; a woman who has dedicated herself to the service of her country. How dare he pull the rug from underneath her feet. Kate has never put a foot wrong … As far as I’m concerned it’s a grenade that has been thrown into the middle of the family and it has casualties and Kate is one of them, despite doing nothing wrong. I am furious that he has attacked Kate.”

Kate Middleton, who a former palace employee says has become a casualty Prince Harry and Meghan's war against the royal family, attends a reception at Buckingham Palace
Kate Middleton attends a night reception for members of the Diplomatic Corps at Buckingham Palace | Jonathan Brady – Pool / Getty Pictures

Burrell additionally believes it’s “tragic” that the princess and different relations can’t reply to the “rubbish” put out in the guide.

“The sadness is that [Kate] doesn’t have a voice to answer back, she has to take it and there are people out there who will believe this rubbish,” the ex-royal butler stated. “I think this is tragic. It’s unbelievable that [the author] can get away with it and the royals don’t have a right to reply; they have to keep quiet and they have always done that.” 

Burrell says Harry has ‘thrown everything given to him away’ and he can’t be forgiven

As for Harry, Burrell thinks what he’s finished since quitting royal life is “unforgivable.”

Prince Harry's 'Spare' book in which he discusses 'Friends' and being a Chandler Bing
Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ memoir | Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket by way of Getty Pictures

He opined: “It’s unforgivable that Harry has grown up a prince in a royal family, given every thing attainable, gone to the finest colleges, and had the alternatives of a royal. He was taught by his father and mom what’s proper and improper, and he has flaunted all of that, it’s all thrown away. 

“[Harry] is still a royal prince and has a responsibility. He should have a sense of decency towards his father and the people who are continuing on their dedicated path of serving this country and he should have respect. It seems to me that he doesn’t care anymore.”

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