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‘For Two Years, That Was My Whole Life’

Austin Butler stars within the movie Elvis, which paperwork Elvis Presley‘s personal and professional lives. Butler says the entire journey from casting to the completion of filming took several years. However, for two years, Butler lived and breathed Presley’s life. In a brand new interview, the actor shared that the work generally overtook him. He claims he “didn’t know what to do” after filming Elvis. He claimed, “for two years, that was my whole life.”

Austin Butler | Warner Bros. Photos/YouTube

Austin Butler claimed he had a ‘level of responsibility’ to play Elvis Presley

In an interview with Collider, Butler defined the duty of enjoying the King of Rock and Roll and singing his songs weighed on his coronary heart.

The actor mentioned the film honors Presley’s life, which he claims has been “so misconstrued.”

“His life has been pulled out of context, and all his family’s gone through. So doing justice to them and him was so much pressure. This has taught me a lot about managing that level of responsibility and the feeling of when you have moments of self-doubt, what you do, and all that kind of stuff.”

The actor admitted ‘for two years, ‘Elvis’ was my entire life’

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Butler received the title function in Elvis in July 2019.

Luhrmann narrowed his hopefuls to Harry Kinds, Ansel Elgort, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Miles Teller, and Butler. All examined for the function in late June.

Nevertheless, it was an audition tape Butler submitted to Luhrmann on the heels of a nightmare that secured the function. The actor relived his mom Lori’s dying. He rose off the bed, went to the piano, and performed “Unchained Melody,” singing it to his mom. Butler submitted that tape to Luhrmann.

After securing the function, Butler spent virtually three years immersing himself in Presley’s private life and profession.

He advised Today with Hoda and Jenna, “For two years, Elvis was my whole life.”

“Thankfully, I had a year and a half before we started shooting, so I tried everything,” the actor defined.

“I had a six-month period where the film shut down for coronavirus (COVID-19). When you do one thing for two years, you create habits,” he responded when the hosts commented on a speech sample just like Presley’s.

Nevertheless, when filming ended, Butler mentioned he “didn’t know what to do with himself.”

“For two years, it was my whole life. After, I needed to take some time to remember who I was,” the actor continued. He mentioned he started engaged on pottery, discovering launch in creating artwork in another way.

When does ‘Elvis’ shimmy into theaters?

The Baz Luhrmann movie debuts in theaters nationwide starting June 24.

It clocks in at 2 hours and 39 minutes lengthy.

Elvis may also be out there for streaming on HBO Max for 45 days after it’s launched in theaters.

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