Everything We Know About the Real Mu-deok and Her Legacy?

The fantasy Ok-drama Alchemy of Souls has a number of mysteries brewing in its storyline. One story followers regulate is Mu-deok’s (Jung So-min) connection to the Jin household. In the Ok-drama, Nak-su (Go Yoon-jung) transfers her soul to the supposedly blind and weak Mu-deok. However as Alchemy of Souls progresses, Mu-deok has way more important significance than anybody realized.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Alchemy of Souls.]

Nak-su turns into the feeble Mu-deok and a maid in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

Followers meet the notorious mage murderer, Nak-su, at the starting of the fantasy Ok-drama. The charming lady is lethal and identified for destroying anybody in her path. She is fatally wounded as she fights Songrim and Park Jin’s mages. Refusing to die, she makes use of the Alchemy of Souls and transfers her soul unknowingly into the physique of Mu-deok.

Mu-deok’s story is a thriller for an excellent portion of Alchemy of Souls. As Mu-deok, Nak-su is transported by a form man to a brothel. Nak-su not has her powers, sword, or talents in a physique that isn’t her personal. She is effectively conscious that Songrim has her physique and sword.

She goes on the hunt to seek out herself however as an alternative turns into the maid of Jang Uk, one in all the heirs. However Jang Uk is the just one to appreciate that Mu-deok is, in actual fact, Nak-su. Her blue mark is seen in her eyes. As an elite warrior, she turns into his grasp.

The Jin household has a long-lost daughter, who may be Mu-deok in ‘Alchemy of Souls’

The Jin household is one in all the strongest mage households in Daeho. However when followers be taught of their heirs, solely a daughter named Arin is launched (Jin Cho-yeon). The June Ok-drama quickly reveals the Jin household as soon as had one other daughter who has been lacking for over a decade. Jin Ho-gyeong (Park Eun-hye) nonetheless seems to be for her daughter with the assist of her husband.

However Alchemy of Souls quickly has followers speculating that the lacking daughter is Mu-deok. By episode 9, followers be taught the queen is shaman Choi and is working with Jin Mu (Jo Jae-yun) to swap souls. In a flashback, he reveals he used a younger blind woman to seek out the Ice Stone.

When the little one refused handy it over, Jin Mu took it, and she fell overboard. Jin Mu reveals the younger woman was Bu-yeon, the lacking daughter of the Jin household. The episode exhibits Ho-gyeong’s husband bringing house younger ladies who match their daughter’s profile.

However the solely strategy to know if the woman is of the Jin household is that if she will open the door to the relics room. Solely females of the Jin household have the functionality.

A number of clues verify Mu-deok’s legacy

The idea that Mu-deok is the lacking daughter of the Jin household is substantial. Whereas Nak-su can see in Mu-deok’s physique, followers know the authentic Mu-deok was blind in the first episode. In a flashback, followers see Ho-gyeong giving Bu-yeon a brand new eye overlaying with an intricate embroidered flower.

In Alchemy of Souls Episode 11, followers meet Sol-i (Search engine optimisation Hye-won), a thief who pretends to be blind and in search of her pal Mu-deok. The clue that Mu-deok is Bu-yeon is that Sol-i has the identical embroidered eye overlaying. The overlaying Ho-gyeong gave Bu-yeon. In episode six, when Mu-deok visits the Jin house, she is overwhelmed with energy and can open the door to the relics room.

The query stays why Nak-su’s soul transferred to Mu-deok’s? The idea means that Mu-deok is Bu-yeon and harnesses unimaginable energy. A flashback in episode 11 reveals that Ho-gyeong met with Jang Gang (Joo Sang-wook) to avoid wasting her child. The little woman that harnessed the Ice Stone can also be Bu-yeon.

Jin Mu explains if Bu-yeon have been alive, she would have grow to be a strong priestess. Each Nak-su and Bu-yeon have been born with a destined and highly effective destiny.

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