Erika Jayne Really Loved Tom Girardi, Red Carpet Reporter Believes – ‘Forget the Judgement’

Erika Jayne from The Actual Housewives of Beverly Hills actually liked her husband Tom Girardi, crimson carpet reporter Taylor Ferber believes. Ferber had a number of exchanges with Jayne in the previous the place they bonded over their mutual love of older males. However she additionally noticed Jayne’s angle of not giving any f**ks about what different folks considered her relationship with Girardi. In truth, Ferber seen Jayne as a lady who was in love and had respect for her relationship.

Erika Jayne bonded with Taylor Ferber over courting older males

Ferber stated she interviewed Jayne, which was once they related. “I mean, that’s what makes it so interesting because it’s not like, oh, I interviewed Erika once,” she remarked on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef Patreon. “It’s like so intertwined with what we’re seeing play out that I’m kind of like, is this The Matrix? Where’s Keanu what’s happening?”

Erika Jayne from RHOBH liked husband Tom Girardi, crimson carpet reporter Taylor Ferber believed |Nicole Weingart/Bravo

“I had met Erika,” she continued. “I guess chronological makes the most sense. The first time I interviewed her was on the phone. And I myself had also not like her, married to an older man for 20 years, but I had a very close relationship on and off thing with an older man. Very much my senior. Right. So I get on the phone with her, like give or take around 25, 25 years older.” She added that the age distinction between and the man was important.

She recalled bonding with Jayne over being concerned with a considerably older man. “My guy, unlike Tom Girardi, wasn’t this high up sort of, you know, this, it wasn’t like that at all. And I would often, I would joke with Erika when I would bond with her about it being like, listen, it’s tough because there are hardships that come with the age gap. But like, your dude is rich. You got that going. You know what I mean?”

Erika Jayne gave Taylor Ferber relationship recommendation

Ferber spoke to Jayne on a number of events. “So yes, the first time I talked to her over the phone, she was just promoting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she recalled. “It was back with the panty gate thing with Dorit [Kemsley]. So in my interview fashion, I hope I listened to the audio the other day, by the way. Cause I still have it. It was, this was like 2017. I don’t know.”

“And I’m like, ‘OK, before we get into the interview, let’s talk about it.’ And this was technically all off the record,” she added. “So I’m not going to say like verbatim what happened. But basically, I was like, ‘Listen, like I respect your relationship with him and how you really hold it down.’ I, myself kind of, I was like, show me your ways. Like, what’s your advice Aunty Erika Jayne? Because I have this older guy relationship thing and you guys seem to have it all figured out. And she basically was like, we bonded over it for, I don’t know, five, 10 minutes.”

Was Erika Jayne in love with Tom Girardi?

Ferber thinks Jayne actually liked Girardi. “She basically was like, you know, forget the judgment,” she stated. “Who cares, what everyone else thinks. If it works for you, if you keep each other stimulated and on your toes, that’s what it is. Who cares, like kind of that persona of the Erika Jayne, like, f*ck it. Who cares?”

“So I had met her, flash forward two years, at the premiere of Denise’s [Richards] season,” she mirrored. “And I was like, do you remember me? She’s like, oh, she totally remembered. She was like, how’s it going with him? And I said, it’s the same, you know? And she kinda said the same thing, you know, forget what everyone says, if it’s working for you, Godspeed, that kind of thing. So what’s funny is, you know, again, like seeing this all play out now because she had always, I always just thought they were like holding it down.”

“And I really do think that at least for her, I really think she loved him even the way she spoke about it with me and seeing it behind the scenes,” Ferber remarked. “I really think they did have, like, she at least had a respect and a love for him. You know, why would the b*tch stay with him for that long come on. She could, you know what I mean? It was 20 years.”

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