Elvis Was Obsessed With 1 Co-Star, but She ‘Wasn’t the Least Bit Interested in Him’

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Elvis Presley reportedly romantically pursued a lot of his co-stars. Certainly one of the co-stars he beloved was not in him.

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Elvis Presley started to behave in movies in 1956 and would go on to fall for a big variety of his co-stars. He reportedly claimed that he slept with all his main girls but one. He struck out together with his first co-star, although. Whereas Elvis adored her, she wished nothing romantic to do with him.

Elvis fell for a co-star on the set of his first film

In 1956, Elvis made his movie debut in Love Me Tender. He acted alongside Debra Paget, who transfixed Elvis. His bodyguard, Sonny West, even believed that Elvis tried to mannequin Priscilla Presley after Paget.

“If you look at her in those earlier pictures, you will see she had a decided likeness to Priscilla Presley, whom he was soon to meet,” Sonny West stated in the ebook Elvis: What Occurred? by Steve Dunleavy. “She had black hair. When Elvis first met Priscilla he got her to dye her hair black. I think it’s significant that his mother had black hair, too.”

Elvis and Paget bonded on set, but his emotions for her went additional than friendship. He had a passionate crush on her and reportedly even proposed to her. Paget didn’t reciprocate the feeling. 

“I guess the way it went was that Debra really thought Elvis was just a nice handsome kid,” Sonny West stated. “She wasn’t the least bit interested in him.”

One other certainly one of Elvis’ co-stars had no curiosity in him

Elvis’ remaining main girl additionally didn’t fall for his attraction. Mary Tyler Moore, with whom he starred in Change of Behavior, found that Elvis had a shy crush on her.

“[Elvis] confessed right from the start that he’d had a crush on me since The Dick Van Dyke Show,” Moore wrote, per Express

He appeared timid and starstruck round her. Whereas she appreciated him, she stated he wasn’t her kind.

“I was his last leading lady,” she advised Ability Magazine. “And it was funny because not that many years after the film was finished, he was quoted as saying, ‘I’ve slept with every one of my leading ladies except one.’ I don’t want to bust anyone’s cover, but I know who the one is.”

Priscilla Presley grew exhausted of the affairs he had with different actors

Elvis had not but met Priscilla Presley whereas he was chasing Paget. They had been a pair, nonetheless, for a lot of of the different movies Elvis shot. Usually, Elvis can be away on set whereas Priscilla learn gossip columns detailing his flirtations together with his co-stars. This grew taxing after some time. Priscilla lastly snapped when she learn that Elvis had proposed to his Viva Las Vegas co-star Ann-Margret.

“I picked up a flower vase and hurled it across the room, shattering it against the wall,” she wrote in her ebook Elvis and Me. “‘I hate her!’ I shouted. ‘Why doesn’t she keep her a** in Sweden where she belongs?’”

Although Elvis frequently denied these rumors, he advised Priscilla he wished a associate who would perceive that issues like this might occur.


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