Elvis Said Success ‘Just Scares Me’

Elvis Presley achieved an enormous stage of success early in his profession and maintained his fame for twenty years. Whereas he ultimately grew extra accustomed to fame, his stage of superstar shocked him at first. He may hardly consider the impact he had on folks and he discovered it a bit overwhelming. He stated that he felt a bit fearful of his success.

Elvis Presley stated his stage of success frightened him

Elvis started his music profession within the early Nineteen Fifties when he recorded songs as a present for his mom. By 1956, he had cemented his superstar standing.

“[1956 was] when everything took off,” his bodyguard Purple West stated within the e book Elvis: What Occurred? by Steve Dunleavy. “Everything he touched turned to gold, he couldn’t do a thing wrong.”

Elvis Presley | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Photographs

Followers wept their method via Elvis’ reveals and he jumped into a movie profession. Whereas many criticized him, his detractors did nothing to sluggish his atmospheric rise. This started to frighten him. 

“[Success] just scares me,” he instructed reporters, per the e book The Colonel by Alanna Nash. He added that his followers’ dedication “makes me want to cry. How does all this happen to me?”

Elvis Presley was grateful for his followers, at the same time as success overwhelmed him

Whereas Elvis felt overwhelmed by his followers’ love, he nonetheless appreciated it. 

“I like ‘em,” he said, per the Chicago Tribune. “Without them, I’d be misplaced.”

He additionally realized to benefit from their fervent reactions to him. He felt a thrill after a crowd started brawling throughout one live performance.

“As we sped away, Elvis was laughing like a madman,” West stated. “He had never turned a crowd on like that before, and he loved it. He was laughing, and then I started to laugh, too. There was a civil war back there.”

Elvis continued to hunt out reactions like this for the remainder of his profession. He felt that his followers’ rabid conduct meant that his profession was in fine condition.

He developed an ego as his profession superior

Within the later years of his profession, Elvis had realized to understand and even crave fame and a spotlight. He developed an ego that, in response to his bodyguards, impacted the way in which he handled others.

“He wasn’t interested in other performers. In fact, he didn’t like other performers,” bodyguard Sonny West stated. “He would always have something catty to say about them. If they came to his dressing room to see him, he would keep them waiting for an hour on end before he would make his entrance.”

A black and white picture of Elvis in a deep lunge as he sings into a microphone.
Elvis Presley | Ronald C. Modra/ Getty Photographs

He grew to anticipate consideration from folks and grew annoyed when he didn’t have each eye within the room on him. His bodyguards stated this was a disgrace to witness.

“Unless he is the center of attention, he just isn’t interested,” Sonny West stated. “His ego is just out of control … and it’s a pity because he wasn’t like that way back … It hurts to see someone you love change so very much.”

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