Elvis Presley’s Neighbors ‘Stood in Disbelief’ the Christmas He Went Caroling Near Graceland

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The King of Rock and Roll bought into the Christmas spirit by entertaining his Memphis, TN neighbors together with the Memphis Mafia.

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Christmas at Elvis Presley‘s Graceland home was always a festive time of year. The King of Rock and Roll went out for family and friends during the holiday. But that doesn’t imply they didn’t attempt to interact in some old school enjoyable, both. Elvis’ neighbors “stood in disbelief” one Christmas as he caroled in the neighborhood close to the mansion.

Elvis Presley went caroling, surprising his Memphis neighbors

In response to a video shared on the Memphis Mafia Kid Channel, as reported by Express, Billy Smith shared recollections of Christmas at Graceland. He remembered when Elvis Presley shocked his neighbors by caroling in 1967.

“Elvis, back in ’67, he had bought several tractors. This particular one was a little riding one with a wagon attached to the back,” Smith defined.

Smith continued, “[Elvis] got the idea of taking it out and riding it around the neighborhood, which was pretty unusual for him to do, but this particular time he wanted to. We got the girls in the back, [my wife] Jo, Priscilla, and Elvis was driving the little tractor. I was riding on the hood.”

“We started out, down through the gate, and everybody kinda stopped and couldn’t believe what they were seeing,” Smith defined. The group sang ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ earlier than switching to Christmas carols.

Elvis’s tractor stopped in entrance of a home the place folks attended a Christmas occasion. Smith mentioned the drapes to an enormous window had been open, and many company had been strolling round with their drinks when Elvis pulled up and, together with the Memphis Mafia, started singing “Jingle Bells.”

Neighbors had been shocked when Elvis caroled exterior their residence

Elvis Presley poses with Colonel Tom Parker, dresses as Santa Claus, during Christmas.
Elvis Presley poses with Colonel Tom Parker, dressed as Santa Claus, throughout Christmas | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Photos

Elvis Presley’s Memphis neighbors had been astonished as Elvis started to conduct his buddies singing the vacation customary. Inside, company at the residence had been shocked.

Billy Smith mentioned, “The people’s mouths just flew open. It looked like it took them a minute to realize who this was and what in the world was happening.”

His spouse Jo agreed, “They just stood with their drinks in their hand. Acting like this couldn’t be true.”

Elvis puzzled if his neighbors would ever notice it was actually him

After singing carols with the Memphis Mafia in tow, Elvis Presley exited. It was prompted as a result of company began filtering exterior to see if the carolers included the King of Rock and Roll.

Smith revealed the Memphis Mafia, and Elvis circled and yelled, “Merry Christmas.” Elvis later instructed his buddies, “Now tomorrow, they won’t know if they had a little too much to drink or if it was really me!”

Elvis Presley’s Graceland stays embellished the approach Elvis Presley at all times favored. The house continues to reuse lots of the decorations Elvis bought over the years in its present Christmas shows.

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