Elvis ‘Hated’ 1 Actor’s Attitude and Was ‘Always Putting Him Down’

By 1962, Elvis Presley was already rising weary of his movie profession and a few of the actors he met. He needed extra substantial, dramatic roles and started to really feel embarrassed in regards to the rising listing of breezy romances on his resume. Due to this, he grew irritable on set, particularly when somebody didn’t deal with him with the reverence he felt he deserved. Elvis’ bodyguards mentioned the singer constantly spoke poorly about one in all his co-stars. 

Elvis handled one actor poorly 

When Elvis left the military, he started to work his manner via a prolonged roster of movies. In 1962, he shot Child Galahad, a movie during which his character is a boxer. Charles Bronson performed his coach, and Elvis’ bodyguards admired him for his efficiency. Elvis didn’t really feel the identical manner.

“Elvis just did not go for him,” bodyguard Sonny West mentioned within the guide Elvis: What Happened? by Steve Dunleavy. 

Charles Bronson and Elvis in ‘Child Galahad’ | LMPC through Getty Photographs

West believed Elvis’ dislike of Bronson was ego-driven. Bronson didn’t appear all that impressed with the singer, which pissed off him.

“He was a very quiet kind of guy, a loner, and he just didn’t think Elvis was that big a deal,” West mentioned. “Elvis hated this, and he was always putting him down. He used to call him a muscle-bound smart aleck and a muscle-bound ape. Just never stopped putting him down, although I never heard Bronson knock Elvis.”

He was typically vital of different artists

In response to Elvis’ bodyguards, the singer typically had a combative perspective round different artists. Elvis noticed himself as the most important star in any room, and he didn’t prefer it when another person took the eye away from him.

“For instance, Elvis doesn’t like too many other singers — at least living ones,” his bodyguard Purple West mentioned. “He did admire Bobby Darin very much, but he has passed away. But generally Elvis will always have something critical to say about another singer. He doesn’t like competition.”

Elvis typically acted out minor energy performs round different performers to determine dominance. 

“He wasn’t interested in other performers. In fact, he didn’t like other performers,” Sonny West mentioned. “He would always have something catty to say about them. If they came to his dressing room to see him, he would keep them waiting for an hour on end before he would make his entrance.”

Elvis grew pissed off along with his personal work as an actor

Elvis made motion pictures for years, however he had little area to develop as an actor. He performed related roles in every movie and struggled to get his supervisor to take him significantly when he requested for higher elements.

A black and white picture of Elvis Presley wearing a jumpsuit and sunglasses. He sits and rests one hand on his knee.
Elvis Presley | Frank Carroll/NBCU Photograph Financial institution/NBCUniversal through Getty Photographs through Getty Photographs

“He would always say to me, ‘Why in the hell do they keep on giving me lousy scripts?’ He would complain and complain, but the scripts never got better,” Purple West recalled. “The money got better, but the scripts didn’t.”

Because of this, Elvis grew uninterested in performing. He made his final movie in 1969.


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