Elvis Had Priscilla Presley Wear so Much Makeup That She Looked Back on Old Pictures and Laughed

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Elvis Presley had a particular concept of how Priscilla ought to look. He requested her to put on heavy make-up, which made her snort in later years.

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When Elvis Presley met the younger Priscilla Beaulieu, she dressed primly and wore restricted make-up. As their relationship wore on, nevertheless, he started shaping her seems to suit his tastes. This meant extra eye-catching, mature clothes, excessive piles of hair, and heavy eye make-up. Whereas Priscilla felt glamorous on the time, she defined that when wanting again on photos from the Sixties, she couldn’t assist however snort at her eye make-up.

Elvis Presley requested Priscilla to put on extra make-up 

Priscilla moved out of her household house and in with Elvis at Graceland within the early Sixties. As soon as she moved in, he started exercising management over her seems. He purchased her new garments and instructed her to replace her make-up to suit the period.

“It was the early sixties, when clothes and makeup veered to extremes,” she wrote in her e book Elvis and Me. “Women’s eyeliner was heavier, their hair more teased, and their skirts shorter than ever before. All the rules I’d learned about dressing and applying makeup (less is more, the simpler the better) were being broken, and men seemed to love it. Elvis certainly did. If I went a little light with the mascara or black eyeliner, he’d send me back upstairs to apply it more heavily.”

A black and white picture of Priscilla Presley standing in between Tom Jones and Elvis Presley. She wears a one-shouldered dress and they both wear turtlenecks.
Tom Jones, Priscilla Presley, and Elvis Presley | Bettmann/Contributor by way of Getty Photographs

By the point Priscilla wrote Elvis and Me in 1985, the developments had modified an incredible deal. She defined that she laughed at her heavy make-up in pictures from the period.

“Today I have to laugh when I look at the pictures taken of me then,” she wrote. “I can hardly find my eyes under all that camouflage.”

Elvis additionally exercised management over how Priscilla Presley styled her hair

To match her heavy eye make-up, Priscilla dyed her hair black and wore it stacked to teetering heights. Once more, she did this at Elvis’ request. He believed the look would swimsuit her higher than her pure one. 

“Elvis liked long hair,” she wrote. “When I’d cut mine without asking his permission, he was shocked. ‘How could you cut your goddamn hair? You know I like long hair. Men love long hair.’”

Elvis dyed his hair black, and he advised Priscilla to paint hers to match his. He believed it was one of the best shade to carry out her blue eyes.

“The more we were together, the more I came to resemble him in every way,” she wrote. “His tastes, his insecurities, his hang-ups — all became mine.”

She defined that her solely aim was to please the ‘Burning Love’ singer

Priscilla was glad to alter her seems to suit Elvis’ preferences. She was desirous to please him.

Priscilla Presley smiles. She wears her hair blonde and shoulder length.
Priscilla Presley | Sonia Moskowitz/Photographs/Getty Photographs

“When he told me that the collar I was wearing on a particular blouse was too small for my ‘long, skinny neck,’ I too began wearing high-collared shirts,” she wrote. “Why not? My sole ambition was to please him, to be rewarded with his approval and affection. When he criticized me, I fell to pieces.”

This degree of scrutiny over her seems may very well be a problem. Priscilla defined that it turned laborious to loosen up absolutely round him.

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