Elvis’ Entourage ‘Brainwashed’ Themselves Into Defending Elvis’ Terrible Behavior, Said His Bodyguard

Elvis Presley’s entourage spent most of their time with the singer and did no matter he requested of them. This typically required going in opposition to what they believed was proper. After Elvis’ bodyguard watched him deal with a celebration visitor horribly, he felt he needed to justify his boss’ habits. He stated that everybody in Elvis’ entourage had to do that.

Elvis’ entourage felt they needed to help his dangerous habits

Elvis hosted a celebration at his residence, and his bodyguard, Sonny West, introduced a date. West was in the midst of a sport of pool with Elvis when his date requested him to maneuver his automotive. Elvis, who was already in a nasty temper as a result of he was enjoying poorly, instantly turned on the lady.

He started berating her for interrupting the sport. Whereas she was initially apologetic, she finally snapped as Elvis continued to scold her. “Go to hell, you sonofab****,” she instructed him, per the e book Elvis: What Happened? by Steve Dunleavy. Elvis instantly retaliated by throwing his pool cue at her. 

Elvis Presley | Earl leaf/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Pictures

“He took that pool cue in his fist,” West stated. “Then, like he was throwing a spear, he just leaned back and threw it right at her across the pool table. She had no time to duck. The sharp end of the pool cue bored right into her body.”

It was clear she was damage and West was horrified, however he instantly started making excuses for Elvis. When his date started speaking about suing Elvis for attacking her, West tried to persuade her in opposition to it.

“I wouldn’t have blamed her a bit, but I was so locked into Elvis,” West stated. “It was second nature for me to stand up for him, even when I knew he was very wrong. We had all brainwashed ourselves into that way of thinking.”

Elvis didn’t need to apologize to the lady

After West’s date left the occasion, Elvis appeared a bit responsible about what he had carried out. Nonetheless, he refused to confess what he did was incorrect.

“Well, man, she shouldn’t have called me a sonofab****,” Elvis instructed West. “That ain’t right.”

Later, West ran into the lady and apologized to her as a result of Elvis wouldn’t.

Elvis had a specific means of apologizing to his entourage 

In accordance with Elvis’ entourage, the singer hardly ever verbally apologized for his actions. Nonetheless, he may acknowledge when he was within the incorrect. When this occurred, he tried to make it as much as them with costly presents.

A black and white picture of Elvis sitting with a towel around his neck and holding an acoustic guitar.
Elvis Presley | Bettmann/Contributor by way of Getty

“After one of his wild temper fits, he will never say, ‘Hey, man, I was wrong, I’m sorry.’ But then one day you will be walking through an automobile showroom and he’ll say something like ‘Hey, man, that looks great, that car, don’t it?’” his bodyguard, Pink West, stated. “And somebody will say back to him, ‘Sure does, Elvis.’ The next minute, he’ll tell you, ‘Look, you fix up the paperwork, it’s yours, you deserve it.’ That’s it. There is no argument, just ‘It’s yours, man.’”

Unsurprisingly, the members of his entourage have been joyful to just accept this type of apology.

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