Elvis’ Bodyguards Said the Singer Had a Near Magic Power Over People

For 20 years, Elvis Presley commanded zealous audiences. He introduced folks to tears together with his performances and kicked up a frenzy that some discovered alarming. His bodyguards stated he had this identical impact off the stage as nicely. Elvis was so charismatic that he virtually appeared to have magical management over folks. 

Elvis’ bodyguard stated the singer may entrance them

Many members of Elvis’ entourage labored for him for years, placing in lengthy hours to do no matter he requested of them.

“I often felt that I’m in the aura of some very special human being. He genuinely believes that he is a prophet and we were his disciples,” bodyguard Crimson West stated in the ebook Elvis: What Happened? by Steve Dunleavy. “He demands fanatical loyalty, expects it. There have been times that I have felt that Elvis bordered on being a bit of a nut, but look at the loyalty we gave the man. We broke our backs for him. We’ve risked our lives for him.”

Elvis Presley | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Pictures

West stated he would have put his life on the line for Elvis. It felt as if the singer had some sort of energy over him.

“He certainly had a power over us. He certainly had a control over me, I admit it,” West stated, including, “We didn’t do it for the money, because we never got much. We didn’t do it for the women, because we had all had that and we are all married. We didn’t do it for the excitement, because we were all a bit old for that kind of thing.”

Elvis’ bodyguard stated the singer was the most charismatic particular person he had ever met

A lot of Elvis’ so-called energy over the folks in his life was a end result of his charisma. Bodyguard Dave Hebler stated he had by no means come throughout a extra charming particular person.

“This guy didn’t have to give me the time of day. But somehow he had that charm, or maybe it was a knack, of making me feel important at a time when it was important for me personally to be made to feel important,” Hebler stated. “Perhaps, now, I see it clearer, but there is no getting away from it. I had never met — before or since — never read of, nor heard of, any man who could so totally disarm you with charm, generosity and what appeared to be spontaneous love, as could Elvis Presley. Today they use the word charisma. Well, Presley had it to spare in truckloads.”

Hebler stated Elvis wielded his appeal as if he have been a politician or evangelist.

His bodyguards felt he was uniquely blessed

A part of Elvis’ enchantment was his perception that he was uniquely particular. Elvis noticed himself as somebody blessed by God, and West couldn’t assist however agree.

A black and white picture of Elvis wearing a suit and holding an acoustic guitar.
Elvis Presley | CBS Photograph Archive/Getty Pictures

“He believes there was a master plan by God in singling him out for his fantastic success,” West stated. “Now, while it does sound a little wacky, I have often given it a lot of thought and have often felt that maybe there was something to it. I mean, how does it happen that a skinny little kid from a dirt-poor family in Tupelo, Mississippi, suddenly becomes the best-known name in the world? How is it that he commands all these fortunes and has all these millions of people who love him?”

He defined that whereas he wasn’t non secular, it appeared to him that Elvis was destined for achievement.

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