Elizabeth Olsen Once Felt the Russo Brothers Didn’t Know What to Do With Her Marvel Character

Elizabeth Olsen has been a major a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since her debut as Scarlet Witch. However when the character was handed over to the Russo Brothers, Olsen felt they weren’t certain how to strategy the Avengers member.

Elizabeth Olsen felt the Russo Brothers had no concept what to do together with her Marvel character

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Controversial filmmaker Joss Whedon gave the movie-going viewers a correct introduction to Olsen’s Scarlet Witch. She first made a cameo look at the finish of Captain America Winter Soldier. Afterwards, Olsen was certainly one of the predominant leads in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and continued the character’s development all through the franchise.

Whedon wouldn’t be concerned with the character for lengthy, nonetheless. After Age of Ultron, the Russo Brothers have been accountable for guiding the MCU by way of the latter phases of its story. However when the administrators obtained their fingers on Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, Olsen felt they could have gotten a bit misplaced together with her character.

“They were like, ‘She can do anything. If someone is fighting she can end it quickly. I don’t know what to do!,’” Olsen as soon as advised Birth.Movies.Death.

However Olsen believed it was solely a matter of time earlier than the Russo brothers have been ready to adapt to the character.

“Now they, I think, are a little more comfortable in how to write her. It’s like they figured her out during filming,” Olsen stated.

Nonetheless, the actor felt she had to add her personal inventive concepts when performing below the Russo Brothers’ steering. No less than when it got here to the Scarlet Witch’s actions.

When the Russo brothers, for example, would inform Olsen, “’She needs to launch Cap,’ we think ‘That’s not fun to look at, is it?’ So we figure out what’s more interesting. That’s ownership I love. Some people might think it’s random, but it’s not – it’s very intentional.”

Elizabeth Olsen felt Joss Whedon was extra fingers on with the Scarlet Witch

When evaluating the filmmakers, Olsen revealed that Whedon had a extra private strategy to guiding her Scarlet Witch. The Avengers director wouldn’t solely recommend the forms of actions the Scarlet Witch ought to do, however carry out them himself.

“Joss had actual movements in his brain, and that’s how the movements started. We would try and hit these marks that Joss, literally in front of us did. He also has these funny knees and wrists and hands, and my choreographer Jenny and I were like, ‘Man, he really worked hard on this,’” Olsen stated.

Maybe Whedon had a neater grasp on the character as a result of he was already an enormous fan of Scarlet Witch.

“Joss really loved her a lot. So he really had a huge say in how she talked, how she looked, how she moved, what drove her. It was very tangible in Ultron, but now it’s become about her stepping into her role and her powers,” she remembered.

Elizabeth Olsen had no concept Scarlet Witch was going to be a villain in ‘Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

Olsen performed a little bit of a unique Scarlet Witch than the one followers have been used to in the current Dr. Unusual sequel. The 2022 movie noticed a Wanda that appeared to embrace her full villainy out of desperation. Nevertheless it was a personality arc that Olsen didn’t find out about up till the final minute earlier than filming.

“I was shocked the moment they told me what it was about,” Olsen as soon as advised Buzzfeed. “I was shocked at the moment they said, ‘You’re the villain.’ No one told me until right before we shot it, so that was shocking.”

At the similar time, Olsen didn’t consider that her character was a full-fledged villain.

“I will never think of her as a baddie,” she stated in a reasonably current interview with Good Morning America. “I think she learns a lesson, but I think of her as she’s just processing big emotions.”

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