Eleven and 001 Have Some Frightening Similarities

Stranger Issues 4 premieres on the finish of the week on July 1, 2022. After ready virtually three years since season 3, we’re now formally hurtling towards the end. The present has hinted at some parallels between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Henry/001 (Jamie Campbell Bower,) and, at first look, that doesn’t appear all that important. Nonetheless, we surprise if there are a lot darker implications. 

[WARNING: This article contains detailed plot spoilers regarding Stranger Things 4.]

Eleven makes use of this similar escape route in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1 | Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

‘Stranger Things 4’ confirmed us extra about Eleven’s historical past

Every season of the present has given us bits and items of Eleven’s backstory, however Stranger Issues 4 lastly confirmed us what occurred to trigger her reminiscence loss. In “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” audiences study that Henry Creel by no means died all these years in the past, as Victor believed. As a substitute, when authorities arrested Victor for the homicide of his household, they positioned Henry within the care of Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine.) Peter, initially named Henry, tells Eleven he by no means felt like he slot in as a baby. He resented everybody else residing on a regular basis lives and took out his rage on his household utilizing his supernatural powers. Whereas Victor took the blame for his household’s murders, Henry truly dedicated them. 

When Dr. Brenner took Henry into his care, he experimented on him. Peter/Henry defined to Eleven that Brenner solely needed to recreate kids along with his similar supernatural skills. Sooner or later, Brenner started to concern Peter/Henry as a result of he couldn’t management him or his powers. When Peter/Henry tried to get Eleven to affix him on his homicide spree, she banished him to the Upside Down, which one way or the other remodeled him into Vecna.

Eleven’s escape in season 1 is likely to be a necessary piece of the puzzle

After Eleven banished Henry to the Upside Down, she went right into a coma. The Duffer Brothers revealed in an interview with Variety, “I guess I’m revealing a little bit, but she goes into a coma, reawakens, has no memory of these events and then is raised in total isolation by Brenner, who doesn’t dare bring in another number, for fear of this happening again.”

Whereas this explains Eleven’s damaged speech sample, it creates one other query for followers to ponder. In Stranger Issues Season 1, Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) gathers individuals from Hawkins to assist seek for Will Byers (Noah Schnapp.) Because the group scours the woods, Mr. Clarke (Randy Havens) discovers a chunk of material in a close-by drainage tunnel. Followers later understand that the fabric got here from Eleven’s hospital robe, insinuating she used the tunnel as her escape route.

At first, the invention appears unimportant, however in Stranger Issues 4, we study that 001/Henry is chargeable for exhibiting her the best way to escape the lab. If Eleven forgot every thing about Henry and the evening of the bloodbath, why does she keep in mind the best way to flee that he taught her? The scene in season 1 with Mr. Clarke appears too consider to function only a throwaway second.

Parallels between Eleven and Henry/001 in ‘Stranger Things 4’

Different similarities between Eleven and Henry/001 make us surprise concerning the pair’s connection. For instance, when 001 kills his victims, they start to bleed from their eyes earlier than their eyeballs burst inside their skulls. In Stranger Issues Season 1, Connie Fraser and her henchmen begin to bleed from their eyesockets earlier than Eleven kills them.

In episode 7 of Stranger Issues 4, we see Henry lengthen his arm and cock his head to at least one facet as he makes use of his powers on the youngsters within the lab. Eleven does this similar transfer on her victims, paralleling 001. It appears as if 001’s affect on Eleven is extra deeply embedded in her psyche than seems. 

It’s laborious to neglect that Eleven does even have a kill depend regardless of being a 15-year-old lady. We simply hope that is all for the better good. We’ll discover out on Friday when the final two episodes of Stranger Issues 4 lastly premiere.

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