Eddie Murphy Once Shared That Working With His Comedy Idol Richard Pryor Was ‘Sad’’

Eddie Murphy had the chance to work alongside comedy legend Richard Pryor in Harlem Nights. However circumstances made the collaboration not as enjoyable as Murphy thought it was wanting again.

Eddie Murphy revealed what it was like working with Richard Pryor

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Richard Pryor performed an enormous function in Eddie Murphy’s comedy profession. The late actor was a serious purpose why Murphy needed to be a comic book within the first place.

“I have a really funny, funny family. But when I realized I wanted to be a comedian was seeing Richard Pryor. ‘Oh, that’s what I want to be,’” Murphy as soon as stated in response to Vulture.

Murphy would later decide up the place Pryor left off, turning into one of many largest comics of all time. The comic ultimately starred alongside his idol Richard Pryor and several other different comedy legends.

Harlem Nights was a 1989 function a few staff of nightclub house owners coping with political corruption and mob exercise. The film additionally starred Redd Foxx, Arsenio Corridor, and Murphy’s older brother Charlie Murphy.

Murphy doesn’t bear in mind a lot about Harlem Nights. However he was capable of recall clearly the nice instances the crew shared.

“I remember Richard and Redd Foxx laughing offstage during the whole movie. The funniest shit was off camera, we’re all just crying. Redd was a really funny dude, he would have the set screaming all the time. But afterwards it was like, Whoa, that’s a lot of work. I was really young when I did it. I had one foot in the club, and one foot on the set, a lot of s*** going on. It’s amazing it came together,” Murphy stated.

However Pryor was already battling his sickness throughout filming.

“Well, he was sick with MS by then, but nobody knew it was going on. And I was like a puppy to him ‘cause he was my idol. ‘Hey! Let’s go make this movie!’ I never put it together what was happening till afterwards. So it was kind of sad, that part of it,” Murphy stated.

Richard Pryor gave Eddie Murphy an trustworthy evaluate of his work

Murphy initially met Pryor earlier than his mega-stardom. In an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Murphy opened up about bumping into Pryor throughout his Saturday Evening Stay days.

“I had been on Saturday Night Live for a year, and I met him on the way from Atlanta to L.A.,” Murphy stated. “He was on the plane. And he was aware of me, but I wasn’t like a big hot s*** yet. He was Richard.”

Murphy would ultimately persuade Pryor to hearken to his comedy album proper there in the course of the aircraft trip.

“So I had a copy of my album, my first comedy album,” Murphy stated. “I went over and I gave it, I said, ‘Mr. Pryor, I’m Eddie, will you listen to my CD?’ He said, ‘Oh yeah, I know who you are. I gave him my record … he put the cassette in, put on the headphones, I was sitting behind him watching him listen to my record. That was my first time meeting him.”

Pryor laughed hysterically at Murphy’s materials, which let Murphy know that his idol permitted his work.

Eddie Murphy was alleged to play Richard Pryor’s father in a biopic

There was a proposed biopic in regards to the late Richard Pryor floating across the movie trade for years. Comic Mike Epps was alleged to play Pryor, with Murphy tapped to painting Pryor’s father. Though a Pryor biopic hasn’t come to fruition, on the time Murphy hoped the movie would make it out of the developmental phases.

“I hope they get it together because I’d love to do it. I think Mike Epps could do [a great job playing Pryor]. I love Richard. I just would like to tell his story. He played my father in a movie, and I would play his father in the movie. You get to play your idol’s father? Very surreal,” Murphy stated.

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