‘Dr. Brain’: Episode 4 Recap

In Apple TV+‘s Dr. Brain Episode 4, Koh Sewon (Lee Sun-kyun) gets closer and closer to finding more clues about what happened to his son. Since episode 1 of the Korean drama, Sewon uses the memories of the dead through brain syncs to unravel the mystery that has ruined his family. Episode 4 reveals the shocking truth behind Sewon’s dying and who’s might be behind the larger image but to be fleshed out.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Dr. Brain.]

Character Koh Sewon from ‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 4 | by way of Apple TV+

Sewon painfully goes again to the situation the place his son died in ‘Dr. Brain’

Junki’s (Kim Joo-hun) daughter drew a butterfly for Sewon with a doable clue to what she is aware of about his son in episode 3. Initially of Dr. Mind episode 4, Sewon tells Jiun (Search engine optimisation Ji-hye) there’s something unusual in regards to the drawing. His son died in the summertime, however the drawing has fall leaves. Jiun thinks is inaccurate however Sewon says his son solely met Junki’s daughter a number of months in the past and she or he is a gifted youngster. Within the automotive, Jiun tells Sewon he’s nonetheless a homicide suspect and will probably be underneath remark.

Sewon asks Jiun to search for Namil (Lee Jae-Gained). He was meant to satisfy with him on the mall and sure noticed the face of the hitman that obtained away. In an undisclosed location, followers meet Secretary Yoon (Yoo Teo) speaking to the hitman and telling him to seek out Namil. Again at dwelling, Sewon visits his spouse and is troubled by the drawing. Kangmu (Park Hee-soon) seems and urges him to go to the cabin the place Sewon final noticed his son.

Jiun learns Sewon left his dwelling and has the police observe him. Jiun’s accomplice asks Namil’s coworker, Yoo-Jin (Ahn Mi-na), if she has seen him, which she denies. The episode exhibits a flashback of Sewon telling his spouse he can’t go together with them to the cabin like he promised, upsetting his spouse. Sewon arrives on the cabin that has been burned to a crisp. Reminiscences present Junki and his daughter accompanied Sewon’s spouse and his son to the cabin as a substitute.

‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 4 reveals what actually occurred on the cabin

Again within the metropolis, the hitman visits Namil’s mom for details about his whereabouts. He knocks her unconscious when she lies. On the similar time, Secretary Yoon breaks into Sewon’s home and disconnects his spouse’s respiratory tube. However when he receives a textual content from somebody named Dr. M, he reconnects it and leaves. Viewers are then launched to Taegu (Um Tae-goo) recollections.

He and the hitman broke into the cabin that night time. They distract Sewon’s spouse by letting the cat free. Whereas she is occupied, they kidnap Sewon’s son and substitute him with one other youngster with an extended stapled incision on his head. They then set the cabin on hearth. Sewon has a brand new piece of the puzzle. The kid that replaces Sewon’s son might be proof. Sewon digs up his son’s grave.

Again within the metropolis, Jiun and her accomplice visits Namil’s mom and discover her with bruises and cuts. Jiun suspects the hitman is behind the door and intervenes, however he will get away. Searching for clues, Jiun’spartner learns Namil boarded a bus to Hapcheon. After Namil’s prayer ebook and beads, she deduces he went to a temple.

Sewon learns the that means behind the drawing and its connection to his son

Character Dr. Hyun Soo-Jung from 'Dr. Brain' Episode 4 wearing lab coat in office.
Character Dr. Hyun Soo-Jung from ‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 4 | by way of Apple TV+

After Sewon gathers bone samples from the grave, he goes dwelling and learns it isn’t a match for his son. He tells his comatose spouse and breaks down lamenting by no means believing her. Utilizing the kid’s surgical scar as a clue, Sewon learns the kid had a mind abnormality. He remembers his spouse speaking a few particular clinic from episode 2 and a reminiscence of a nurse taking his son away.

Sewon goes to the Sarea Youngsters’s Clinic and asks to satisfy the pinnacle physician. The nurse realizes who he’s and appears fearful and calls somebody. Whereas ready, Sewon finds a butterfly glass decoration. It’s the similar picture Junki’s daughter drew. Junki’s reminiscence reveals his daughter noticed a health care provider taking away Sewon’s son. Sewon meets Dr. Hyun Soo-Jung (Lee El) and asks for his son’s medical information.

Soo-jung appears fearful and messages somebody named Mr. M and escapes the workplace. However one in every of Sewon’s recollections has him notice she is the physician who took his son. Within the hallway, Soo-jung is advised to maintain Sewon. Trying by her workplace for clues, he finds a hidden picture of Soo-jung and different docs. The stunning twist is revealed when it exhibits her standing subsequent to Namil and Dr. Myung (Moon Sung-Geun), Sewon’s mentor and foster mother or father.

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