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‘Don’t Come to a Medium if You Have Secrets!’ Ex-Lover Revealed

Actuality TV star and psychic medium Matt Fraser says that your departed family members see every little thing … and he means every little thing.

A latest emotional studying took a humorous flip when a girl’s husband reached out from the opposite aspect and requested about a boyfriend named “Tom.” Even Matt appeared to be a little surprised.

“Who the hell is Tom?” he requested the lady who obtained a studying within the viewers throughout his tour. The girl regarded shocked and began laughing.

“Are you alright over there?” Matt joked. And once more requested who was Tom.

“A guy I dated,” the lady sheepishly answered. The viewers erupted into laughter.

Don’t go to a psychic medium if you’ve secrets and techniques, Matt Fraser exclaims

Matt couldn’t resist making a joke. “Don’t come to a medium if you got secrets honey!” he exclaimed. “I don’t know what to tell you!”

Matt Fraser, Kelly Clarkson | Adam Christopher/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photograph Financial institution

In the meantime, the lady and your complete viewers have dissolved into laughter. The girl defined that “Tom” was somebody she had dated when she and her husband had quickly break up.

“But then we got back together five years ago,” she mentioned about her husband who had died. “And he didn’t like Tom.”

Matt Fraser shares a message with an viewers member

Then Matt laid this zinger on the lady. “Does it make it better that in heaven he saw what you did with Tom?” he requested. The viewers burst into laughter.

“But that’s your husband’s sense of humor by the way,” Matt laughed. “Because he goes, ‘I hope it was worth it!’”

Matt mentioned to the viewers, “You all didn’t know what you were coming to tonight!”

“He says to me, ‘Matt can you please let her know one thing?’ He says that even though you had that time apart from one another here in this world, he said to me ‘Matt, that’s what I needed her to realize how much that I loved [her].’ Because I’m going to be very honest,” Matt mentioned. “Your loved ones tell me the truth. And he also says to me, ‘Matt she did not want to split up with me.’”

“He goes, ‘It was all me,’” Matt shared as the lady agreed. “He said that the tough part was that ‘I did this.’ He goes, ‘Matt I gotta be honest with you.’ He goes ‘That was part of my life that I wish didn’t happen.’”

Gues who’s now on TikTok?

Then Matt and the lady who obtained the studying realized why her husband was so regretful. “Because not only was I separate from her, but I was separate from my daughter,” Matt mentioned. “And he wants to let you know that. He keeps saying to me ‘Matt, sometimes things happen for a reason because I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now.’”

“He says that ‘I know that we were put together for a reason,’” Matt continued. Including, “He says ‘We’re put together because we’re meant to stay together.’ And even though you had that breakup and that separation, he tells me this. He says, ‘Matt, the moment that I lost her, I realized that I lost my life.’ Your husband is going ‘Matt you can understand because that was big for me,’” Matt added.

Matt included this psychic studying and others on his new TikTok. Since becoming a member of the social media app, Matt Fraser has amassed over 1.5 million likes and his movies have been seen over 10 million occasions. His content material consists of quick clips of him giving readings to individuals in addition to offering recommendation on love and life. Matt joined TikTok as a result of he needed to create content material that was entertaining exhibiting precisely what it’s like to attend dwell occasions in individual or on zoom,  whereas nonetheless delivering profound messages from Heaven. 

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