Dolly Parton Says There’s ‘Nothing Better’ Than This Cheap Beauty Staple

Dolly Parton is an immediately recognizable movie star. Her magnificence and vogue are simply as a lot part of her as her music and entrepreneurship. And, she’s glad to share magnificence secrets and techniques with anybody who might have them. Whereas Dolly’s working with an enormous finances, you don’t want one to strive one in all her favourite merchandise. 

Dolly Parton in 1975 | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Pictures

Followers will seemingly by no means see Dolly Parton with out make-up

Whereas followers could also be curious, Parton says she by no means steps out with out make-up on. The truth is, she goes to mattress with out taking off her magnificence merchandise. Whereas this seems like an esthetician’s nightmare, Parton has her reasoning behind the selection.

“I wear my makeup at night because I’ve always said I never know if there’s going to be an earthquake or fire or emergency in the middle of the night and I’m going to have to hit the streets,” she informed Refinery 29. She added, “I also don’t want to go to bed looking like a hag with my husband.”

Dolly Parton wearing a white embroidered top and earrings in front of a red and yellow background.
Dolly Parton | David Becker/Getty Pictures

Regardless of the distinctive timing of her routine, Parton does nonetheless wash her face each day.

“I’d rather get up in the morning, clean my face, do my facial treatment, and then get ready for the day,” she defined. “I don’t think you have to clean your face at night, but you do need to clean it well once a day. Like anything else, that’s still your personal choice based on your personal needs and your personality.”

She says this drugstore magnificence product works wonders

Parton depends on a variety of totally different merchandise, however she says there are two that basically stand out for her.

“I try all the new things that come out, but there’s nothing better than good old Vaseline and those Almay eye makeup–remover pads,” she informed First for Women.

Although Parton mentioned her each day routine isn’t at all times the identical, she typically depends on Vaseline to maintain her pores and skin clear and youthful. 

“Sometimes I like to just wash my face with good, warm, soapy water; sometimes I like to just spread Vaseline all over my face and then put on a hot washcloth and let that kind of soak in,” she defined to Refinery 29. 

Vaseline might help pores and skin retain moisture, and it’s extensively out there for underneath $10. Parton values a stable drugstore product.

“Some of that stuff is just as good or even better than the most expensive stuff you can buy,” she mentioned.

Dolly Parton loves her outsized magnificence appears to be like

Although some poke enjoyable at Parton for her make-up and sequined outfits, Parton is glad dressing the way in which she desires.

“I think everybody should feel good and dress and look the way they feel comfortable, because if you’re comfortable within yourself, people are comfortable around you, no matter how artificial you look,” she mentioned. 

She added that her magnificence routine is for her, not anybody else.

“Even if I look awful to somebody else, if I feel good about what I’m wearing or how I look, that’s good enough for me,” she mentioned. “I’m not trying to please everybody — I got to please me first. And that’s usually pleasing to other people if you’re comfortable with who you are.”

Dolly Parton Credit Bacon Grease for Her Clear Pores and skin

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