Daniel Radcliffe Turning Down Seth Rogen’s ‘Bad’ Script for ‘This Is the End’ Changed the Film

At one level, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg tried to recruit Daniel Radcliffe for their raunchy comedy That is The Finish. However an trustworthy Radcliffe advised the two writers he wasn’t too thrilled by the materials they gave him.

How Emma Watson ended up in ‘This Is the End’

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This Is the Finish was a 2013 comedy movie the place celebrities largely performed themselves coping with an apocalyptic disaster. Evan Goldberg wrote and directed the function with Seth Rogen, who ended up starring in the film as properly.

Goldberg and Rogen recruited many celebrities for his star-studded venture, together with Emma Watson. However initially Watson had no concept what to make of the film’s premise.

“I thought it sounded crazy,” Watson as soon as advised Flicks and Bits(by way of Digital Spy). “I remember trying to get my head around it on the phone to my agent who was like, ‘So, it’s Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill and James Franco and Danny McBride and all these other comedians. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are making it, and all the actors are playing themselves, and it’s going to be the end of the world… and they want you in the movie.’”

Regardless of her confusion, Watson was so entertained by the movie’s script that she couldn’t go up the alternative to do the film.

“I’m like, ‘What? Why? How?’ I had so many questions. I just remember reading it and thinking it’s hilarious, I thought it was the most crazy, absurd premise for a story I’d ever heard. I had to do it,” she mentioned.

Daniel Radcliffe turned down Seth Rogen’s ‘This Is the End’ due to its script

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Method earlier than Watson was solid, Daniel Radcliffe was the first Harry Potter alum that Goldberg and Rogen wished to rent for the film. However in accordance with Goldberg’s personal admission, the script was in a special place when it received to Radcliffe. Which performed an element in Radcliffe not doing his film.

“Two years before we brought it to anybody else, we brought it to Daniel Radcliffe and he rejected it because it was s***ty, it wasn’t good enough,” Goldberg as soon as advised Buzzfeed.

Goldberg additional confided that he and Rogen felt Radcliffe was proper about the preliminary draft of the script. However they took Radcliffe’s rejection as extra of an academic expertise.

“It was a bad early version. He taught us a lesson. We learned something from him that day,” Goldberg mentioned.

Nonetheless, Goldberg felt issues may need turned out in a different way in the event that they requested Radcliffe to do the movie later than they did.

“We got too excited, we jumped the gun on that. If we waited another year, I bet he would have done it,” he added.

What Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen modified in ‘This Is the End’

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Due to Radcliffe giving them perspective, Goldberg and Rogen had been capable of pinpoint the early script’s flaws and regulate accordingly. This helped refine the script and comedy to be a lot subtler than the way it was initially written.

“The initial version was too obvious,” Goldberg mentioned. “Daniel Radcliffe–Harry Potter jokes and James Franco [as a] fashion-snobby materialistic guy. Jonah Hill was being mean to everybody. And so we changed it all. We made Franco have this endearing love for Seth and we made Jonah turn into this big softy and we just mixed things up. We made it a little too obvious at first.”

Goldberg revealed there have been different celebrities they tried to recruit for the film. Edward Norton, Elizabeth Banks, and Invoice Hader had been a few of the actors Rogen and Goldberg wished to incorporate on their journey. However as a substitute of the script’s high quality, scheduling points saved these different actors from becoming a member of the film’s already stacked ensemble solid.

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