Daniel Day-Lewis’ ‘Phantom Thread’ Co-Star Couldn’t Stand the Special Treatment He Had on Set

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis was handled like royalty on the set of his final movie Phantom Thread. However this rubbed one in every of his co-stars the mistaken means behind the scenes.

Why Daniel Day-Lewis’ ‘Phantom Threads’ co-star had an disagreeable time on set of the movie

Daniel Day-Lewis | Lars Niki/Corbis via Getty Images

Day-Lewis found himself co-starring alongside the much younger Vicky Krieps in director Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread. Krieps ended up taking part in greater than a love curiosity, and have become a formidable romantic foil for Day-Lewis’ character. She didn’t do any intensive analysis on Day-Lewis earlier than being forged in the movie. This meant she knew little or no about her co-star and his well-known methodology performing.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Krieps remembered being postpone by everybody accommodating the actor’s preferences. She additionally mocked the forged and crew’s seemingly unwarranted response to the actor.

“’He’s here! My God! It’s him,’” she remembered everybody on set saying. “I am a person who thinks we are all equal. We all sit on the toilet. I could see it all like a circus. I just didn’t get afraid.”

Though Krieps tried to play alongside, she couldn’t keep the facade for lengthy.

“But after half the movie, I was just really tired of it,” she stated. “Like: OK, I get it. It’s a game. I’ve played it. But can we just talk normally now, please?”

Krieps even confided {that a} scene in Phantom Threads the place she was admonishing Day-Lewis’ character was secretly her really speaking to her co-star.

“;Do you really need everyone around you to behave so strangely and talk in a whisper?’ I decided I wasn’t going to look at him in a special way just because he’s Daniel Day-Lewis. He reacted to my feeling and played with that well. That dance became the movie, and in the end it was a wonderful thing.”

Daniel Day-Lewis as soon as joked that he felt like Vicky Krieps’ sufferer in ‘Phantom Threads’

It took some time earlier than Krieps really shared a scene together with her Phantom Threads co-star. In a 2017 interview that she did with Awards Daily, she revealed that she impressed the movie’s director earlier than even having to audition.

“It almost feels like it’s not an audition story because Paul found me after watching a small German arthouse movie I did, The Chambermaid Lynn. I think he found it on iTunes because it was on there. I got the part because of the audition, but I got the audition because of a movie I did,” Krieps stated. “In the end, it’s really what you do that makes you get work. It’s not about who you know or who you sleep with or who your agent is.”

Day-Lewis and Krieps shared that they didn’t really meet till a a lot later scene in the movie. The Lincioln star quipped he was nervous about working with Krieps, and it was vice-versa for Krieps.

“I was very nervous, too, obviously. And I was trying to look not nervous, and trying to pretend that I know what I’m doing. I was pretending I know how to be a waitress. I was pretending I’m not nervous. I was pretending I don’t care that it’s a famous actor. I was just pretending everything,” she stated.

Krieps was so targeted on pretending that she unintentionally tripped in one in every of the movie’s scenes. However Day-Lewis joked that he ended up falling for his co-star after the incident.

“That was the moment she won me, when she tripped over. And I was her victim,” he stated.

Why Vicky Krieps in contrast her ‘Phantom Thread’ expertise to being on a shipwreck

Krieps skilled a whole lot of publicity after her starring position in Phantom Thread. Whereas the My Left Foot star was used to the consideration, Krieps shared she may do with out it.

“I slowly found my way,” she informed The Independent in a 2022 interview. “How I could live with this job being the person I am. Because I am not [a] public person. It’s a weird thing when you don’t want to be seen, yet you become an actor.”

Due to this, Krieps discovered being part of the movie a really uncommon time in her life.

“It was like being dropped out of an airplane onto a different planet, or surviving a shipwreck,” she remembered.

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