Could Shriek, Naomie Harris’ Villain, Bond With a Symbiote?

Venom: Let There Be Carnage, or Venom 2, appears to introduce symbiote spawns by means of Venom’s offspring, Carnage. New symbiotes open a world of risk, as Shriek, Naomie Harris’ villain, may function a symbiote host relying on what storyline Sony intends to comply with.

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Regardless of Shriek collaborating in lots of Carnage storylines, she’s hardly ever had a symbiote

In Marvel comics, evidently each character has bonded with a symbiote in some unspecified time in the future. Venom has bonded with everybody from Rocket Raccoon to Deadpool.

Nevertheless, regardless of continuously tangling with Venom, Carnage, Toxin, and several other different symbiotes, Shriek has by no means had a symbiote of her personal.

Kind of.

Throughout Carnage’s first solo run, Shriek noticed herself imprisoned and below the care of Dr. Tanis Nieves. The physician had an experimental prosthetic that used hint quantities of the Carnage symbiote.

Nevertheless, this was exploited by Carnage to take management of Dr. Nieves’ arm and ended up planting his spawn inside. The brand new symbiote, which might earn the identify ‘Scorn,’ terrified the physician and he or she severed the prosthetic arm.

Then got here the half the place Shriek, or Naomie Harris, took up the symbiote.

Shriek, Naomie Harris, and the Scorn symbiote

Whereas Shriek possessed the Scorn symbiote, it didn’t absolutely bond along with her. Coating half her face and enveloping the prosthetic arm, Shriek’s time with the symbiote basically simply gave her an additional appendage. At the very least she bought a good combat with Spider-Man and Iron Man in.

And the short-lived bond ended when Scorn returned to the physician.

Whereas the occasion was not a enormous improvement for Shriek, Naomie Harris may take it in a new path.

Director Andy Serkis already confirmed some adjustments to the character, reminiscent of making her extra sympathetic. In the identical approach that 2018’s Venom labored She-Venom into the film (albeit very briefly), the identical may occur for Shriek.

How probably is it to see Shriek, Naomie Harris, and a model new symbiote launched?

In a film already trying to introduce a number of new characters, how probably are new symbiotes? Extra probably than some followers assume.

One other Carnage spawn, Toxin, initially bonded to a policeman referred to as Pat Mulligan — a character confirmed to look in Venom 2, performed by Peaky Blinders’s Stephen Graham.

Whereas there is no such thing as a strong affirmation if this character’s inclusion means audiences can count on Toxin to look, Sony definitely lays the breadcrumbs out for the likelihood.

“He’s got a chip on his shoulder for a lot of reasons,” Graham informed “He was constantly overlooked by the hierarchy of the police system, and he’s an angry, bitter man.”

Within the interview, the actor additionally hinted at tensions between his character and Eddie Brock.

“Eddie is getting the last interview with Cletus Kasady – something he feels he should be entitled to, and not some snotty rogue reporter,” he mentioned.

Constructing a linked universe the place all the largest names are supervillains could show tough, however Toxin normally falls on the extra heroic facet of the regulation. Introducing Carnage’s offspring very nicely could also be within the playing cards.

Shriek and Naomie Harris possessing the Scorn symbiote may seem down the road.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage appears to launch on Oct. 1, 2021.

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