Cody Says Brandi Labeled Everyone a Traitor or Faithful at an ‘Epic’ Roundtable

A few of the drama that went down throughout the filming of The Traitors didn’t make it into the episodes. Cody Calafiore revealed Brandi Glanville had an epic roundtable. 

Brandi Glanville catches onto ‘The Traitors’ early

Kyle Cooke and Brandi Glanville on ‘The Traitors’ | Euan Cherry/Peacock

Individuals who’ve watched Brandi on Actual Housewives of Beverly Hills know she speaks her thoughts. That was additionally the case in The Traitors.

She appropriately suspected Christian De La Torre and Survivor alum Cirie Fields had been traitors. They had been conscious of that however determined to homicide Reza Farahan of Shahs of Sundown first as an alternative.

In episode 3, the solid suspected Michael Davidson of being a traitor for falsely accusing Geraldine Moreno. Kate Chastain of Beneath Deck and Brandi was essentially the most outspoken about this concept.

Kate was accused of being a traitor as a result of she saved throwing out names. Quentin Jiles questioned if this was to trigger confusion. Brandi defended her and identified that Michael wasn’t crying this time or appeared as anxious. Michael reminded her that he was accused of pushing Geraldine repeatedly. “You’re pushing me,” he instructed her.

Ultimately, the solid agreed Kate, Michael, and Brandi had been changing into distractions, so one in every of them needed to go. “Whatever, I’m not a traitor on my children,” Brandi stated along with her fingers up. “I think Michael’s a traitor. I think Christian’s a traitor.”

Ultimately, Christian casts the deciding vote to banish Brandi. This isn’t shocking since she did suspect him. She then revealed to everybody, “A lot of you guys think that I’m a traitor. I’m a motherf***ing faithful, and so is Kate. I’m just saying you guys have to stick together because they’re manipulating the heck out of you. And I think the chaos that really happened tonight came from Michael.”

Brandi went across the roundtable and labeled everybody a traitor or devoted

Cody talked concerning the third episode on The Winner’s Circle. He revealed that Brandi made herself an even greater goal earlier than she was voted off. 

“It’s hard to sit there as a traitor, and it seemed like that roundtable’s going to cater toward Michael, which again, as traitors are like good, perfect,” he stated. “But Brandi kind of steps in and is like going nuts. And she starts pointing out a lot of people too. This is a roundtable that she actually goes around the entire table.” 

“She goes, ‘I think you’re a traitor. I think you’re a traitor. I think you’re a faithful. I don’t know about you. I think you’re faithful. I think you’re–,’” he stated whereas pointing. “It was epic. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s got to be in there.’ They didn’t show that. But, like, Brandi was bringing a lot of heat her way. And in that, I think you’re a traitor she pointed right at Christian, too. So it was a lot.”

So it made much more sense why the solid determined to vote her out as an alternative of Michael. Sadly, followers could by no means see the second for themselves.

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