Christine Ko Talks Mayday’s Role in Season 5

The Handmaid’s Story Season 5 added Christine Ko to it’s solid of phenomenal actors. Ko’s character Lily is a refuge and former Martha from Gilead. Lily met June Moira in episode 3 and revealed that Mayday could be very a lot actual and alive. Right here’s what the actor has to say concerning the mysterious group and her character’s position in the brand new season.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 3.] 

Samira Wiley as Moira, Elisabeth Moss as June, Christine Ko as Lily in ‘The Handmaid’s Story’ | Sophie Giraud/Hulu

Moira and June discover a Mayday outpost in ‘The Handmaid’s Story’ Season 5

Since The Handmaid’s Story started, whispers of a secret resistance group working to deliver down Gilead have circulated. In season 5, Moira and June study that this group, Mayday, is actual once they go to an outpost of refugees alongside the Canadian border.

“Mayday is everywhere,” a Mayday operative named Lily (Christine Ko) tells June and Moira. “We thought it wasn’t real. “We thought we made it up because we had to,” June says. “Well then, you were Mayday too,” Lily replies

“You see everyone talk about this mysterious force that is called Mayday, and June thinks it is a place. And when you meet my character, Lily, she takes you to Mayday,” Ko defined whereas chatting with Meta Critic. (*5*)

Christine Ko says ‘The Handmaid’s Story’ showrunner researched refugees

Lilly reveals that Mayday operates with small outposts, households, and different folks making an attempt to do some good. Moira describes the operatives as “suicidal” and “traumatized refugees,” however Ko feels prefer it’s “more complicated” than that.

“When Erica Scassellati Bruce [Miller] did his research about refugees, the one thing he actually said when we were at the [TIFF] press junket was [that] trauma lives with you; it just doesn’t go away, and it’s constantly triggered throughout your life,” Ko informed Meta Critic.

“And so, what was really helpful for me to understand this character was, ‘Yeah, she’s gone through all these things, but there is such a fight in her.’ And I have a feeling that she’s always had this fight while she was a Martha, it just never had its chance to release.”

Christine Ko explored her character’s vulnerability

Although Christine Ko’s character Lily is a Mayday chief and survivor of Gilead in The Handmaid’s Story, she doesn’t let herself grow to be hardened by her experiences.

“A key component that actually Lizzie Moss really helped me with while we were on set was, she was like, ‘I know, we’re part of the resistance, and I know that you’re a leader in Mayday, but there’s this vulnerability that we really want to show in Lily, which is that she just has such empathy for people that are in this world,’” Ko informed Meta Critic.

The actor added, “I don’t necessarily have an answer for you as to where this vulnerability came from, but I really appreciated it because it added so much depth to the character and something that I can relate with as a person.”

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