Christina Ricci Planned to Quit Acting if She Wasn’t Cast in Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Black Snake Moan’

Samuel L. Jackson and former baby star Christina Ricci as soon as starred in the 2006 small characteristic Black Snake Moan. However getting the position wasn’t simple for Ricci, who deliberate on leaving the business altogether if it wasn’t hers.

Christina Ricci advised her therapist she’d give up appearing if she wasn’t employed for Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Black Snake Moan’

Christina Ricci | Leon Bennett/FilmMagic

Jackson and Ricci as soon as teamed up for the 2006 movie Black Snake Moan. Ricci performed a troubled character in the movie who Jackson finally ends up imprisoning in an try to assist her. After first listening to in regards to the venture, Ricci was decided to star in the film. A lot so she confided that her appearing profession relied on being employed.

“I just felt really passionate about the subject matter and the issues. If ever there was a role that could point out the reason I’m an actress it was this one. I even told my therapist, if I didn’t get the part, I was going to quit because I would have no idea what it was that people in this industry wanted from me,” she as soon as advised Total Film.

However in the start, it appeared unlikely that she’d be employed. Due to her appears to be like, she wasn’t even thought of for an audition.

“I think they just didn’t feel I looked, well, Middle America enough. She’s described as having freckles and blond hair and I’m seen as having a very distinctive look – even though I think I look like every other Irish-Italian girl that you see but… whatever,” she mentioned.

How Christina Ricci ended up starring in ‘Black Snake Moan’

An opportunity encounter with one of many movie’s producers turned issues round in Ricci’s favor. The producer advised Black Snake Moan director Craig Brewer that she may need had the look they had been going for in any case. The Addams Household alum was finally requested to audition, however the audition didn’t go as deliberate.

“Well, what happened – and this happens a lot when you audition – is you may focus on one emotion. I made the assumption that what they would want to see is someone actually having a nervous breakdown, so I focused on the emotion and pain of the character. And their response was, ‘Well, she wasn’t really that sexual’. I couldn’t believe it,” Ricci recalled.

Ricci and her agent’s answer was sending the director her previous journal photoshoots of her wanting ‘sexual.’

“They do that. They keep reams of photographs so if someone says, ‘We need to see more innocence!’ they’ll send over pictures of me looking innocent or ‘interesting’ or whatever they’re looking for,” she mentioned.

The tactic will need to have labored, as Ricci would find yourself snagging one in every of her most critically praised roles.

How Samuel L. Jackson reacted to Christina Ricci being nearly bare on daily basis on ‘Black Snake Moan’

Ricci needed to do what she might to get into the mindset and pores and skin of her Black Snake Moan character. A part of how she achieved this was strolling across the movie set as a lot as potential sporting little or no. This helped Ricci really feel extra snug exhibiting her physique than ever earlier than.

“Her body has never done anything but cause harm and she has no regard for herself so she wouldn’t care if she were clothed or not. And as an actress, when you’re playing someone like that, I think it’s inappropriate for you to have any kind of vanity,” she as soon as advised Collider.

Nevertheless it was equally vital for the forged and crew surrounding Ricci to get used to seeing her in that means as effectively.

“I stayed the way I would be for the scene all the time in order to get the crew really used to seeing me that way so that I was comfortable — not only was I comfortable but I would look at anybody’s face and not see them uncomfortable — because if someone else is uncomfortable, it makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong,” she mentioned.

For Jackson in specific, it took no time in any respect for him to develop accustomed to Ricci’s methodology appearing.

“Well you know after about I guess an hour of looking at Christina in those little panties and that shirt you kind of get over it because that’s what she had on every day. And she didn’t put on a robe between shots and hide herself. She just kind of hung out, so you get over it pretty quickly,” he mentioned in a separate Collider interview.

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