Britney Spears Once Revealed How Madonna Inspired an Under-Wear Clad Dance Scene

Even an icon like Britney Spears has a task mannequin. And hers is Madonna. Spears revealed what she admires concerning the Vogue singer in a 2002 interview selling her function movie Crossroads. Moreover, she shared why she paid tribute to Madonna with a scene within the film. 

‘Crossroads’ contains a Britney Spears dance scene 

Britney Spears | Paramount/Getty Photos

Early in Crossroads, Britney Spears memorably dances in pink underwear, singing right into a spoon for a microphone. 

Her character, Lucy Wagner, is an adolescent on the cusp of serious life modifications. The scene establishes Lucy as a music lover with desires. Furthermore, it reveals that she’s a real performer with legit dance expertise. 

Lastly, it reveals a little bit of a goofy aspect. And that’s one thing Britney intentionally delivered to her position within the Shonda Rhimes screenplay — numerous herself. For instance, the tune she’s singing throughout the full of life scene is one which she selected. It’s 1986 Madonna hit Open Your Coronary heart. 

”I wished it to be me leaping round and playin’ round,” Spears mentioned in a 2002 interview printed in “Honestly, that song is one of my all-time favorite songs, and when they asked me what song I wanted to do I said let’s do this one, ’cause it’s just lighthearted and fun.”

It emerged in trailers as a full-blown private tribute to the pop singer’s idol. Moreover, it’s one of many film’s most memorable and enduring scenes. 

Britney Spears is a longtime Madonna fan 

Within the interview, Spears additionally reiterated her love for fellow singer and film star Madonna. 

“I just love the fact that when she gets on stage she is so amazing…she is one of the best entertainers, I think, of all time,” Spears mentioned. “I just love the way she controls an audience. And the fact that she’s been able to do it all. I respect that, that she’s been able to do movies and also have a beautiful kid. I respect that a lot…I’m not going to follow in her footsteps completely but it’s definitely an inspiration for me.”

On the time, Madonna solely had one baby — her daughter, Lourdes Leon. Since then, she expanded her household by 5 extra youngsters. Madonna is legendary for a lot of motion pictures of her personal, together with Desperately In search of Susan (1985) and Shanghai Shock (1986). Furthermore, she’s additionally identified for live performance documentaries Fact or Dare (1991) and Madame X (2021).  

Britney Spears stays a faithful fan. Shortly after Crossroads in 2003, the 2 pop icons famously kissed onstage on the MTV Video Music Awards. 

Much less famously, Madonna additionally kissed Christina Aguilera. To sum up, all three carried out, and it grew to become an iconic second in music historical past. And it began with a scene from the film Crossroads

The singer mentioned the ‘Crossroads’ dance scene is real looking 

Spears instructed that the scene, nevertheless cutesy, is a practical portrayal of a teen woman in her private moments. 

“It’s real,” she mentioned. “All girls wake up in the morning–I personally sleep in a T-shirt–[Lucy] had her little guy briefs on and she’s just chillin’, singing. I think that’s what we do…That’s what I do.”

Britney Spears not too long ago extricated herself from a sophisticated authorized conservatorship. Los Angeles courts eliminated her father, Jamie Spears, from a 13-year-long grip of management over her funds and well being care in September of 2021. 

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