‘Big Brother 24’ Fans Believe Monte ‘Underestimated’ Taylor, ‘a True Revenge Story’

Massive Brother 24 followers have rather a lot to say in regards to the finalists. Some assume Monte Taylor underestimated Taylor Hale along with his closing selection.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 finale.]

Monte took Taylor to the ultimate 2 on ‘Big Brother 24’

Matt “Turner” Turner gained a spinning-hot canine competitors for the primary a part of the finale. However Monte gained the second a part of organizing competitions all through the season so as of once they occurred. Monte and Turner confronted off within the third competitors, and Monte gained. He picked which individual he’d prefer to take in the long run.

“I love and respect the both of you so much, so you know how hard this decision is gonna be for me,” Monte advised them. “When I look at my resume, the only thing that I can think that the jury sees missing is a big move made. So today, I feel like this is my opportunity to make that big move. Turner, I’m sorry, but I have to evict you, brother.”

Turner stated he revered the transfer. Ultimately, Monte misplaced with a vote of eight to 1. 

Fans name out Monte for underestimating Taylor

Fans had rather a lot to say in regards to the closing two. A number of Reddit customers reacted to Monte, pondering he’d win in opposition to Taylor.

“It’s something fitting about Monte being the one that got Taylor in all that sh*t week 1, then losing to her on final night. A true revenge story,” one commenter wrote.

“I completely forgot about that!” one other fan replied.

“Monte cost himself the game by not going to the end with Turner,” another person claimed.

“Yup he misjudged what the jurors would care about and underestimated her oratory prowess,” one other individual replied.

“You can see the regret all over his face,” one viewer wrote.

“Saw another user saying he thought he would win against a woman due to his misogynist thoughts which I def agree. He would’ve 100% win against Turner!” a fan claimed.

“Turner getting betrayed by a close ally. Monte losing because he underestimated a woman. Taylor persevering. Can’t think of a better end to this season,” somebody added.

What the ‘Big Brother 24’ jury considered Monte’s sport

Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The jury phase confirmed former houseguests speaking in regards to the closing three’s gameplay. “I was evicted by Monte,” Michael Bruner stated. “Turner was the HOH, but that was Monte’s move. Monte owned up to it. Turner, he’s played dirty. He’s lied. He’s manipulated, which I respect. I love that gameplay. But then own it!”

Michael later stated Monte had extra management within the sport than Taylor. Alyssa Snider identified Monte stayed off the block regardless of being an enormous menace. Indy Santos stated Monte had a superb social sport. Nonetheless, Terrance Higgins stated he couldn’t join with him. 

Lastly, Brittany Hoopes stated Monte was “overly confident” about his probabilities of successful. She was proper since he positioned second this season.

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