Below Deck’s Daisy Kelliher Names Her Favorite ‘Below Deck Med’ Cast Member (Maybe They Should Date?)

David Pascoe from Below Deck Mediterranean is a big favourite amongst the Below Deck chief stews as Daisy Kelliher from Below Deck Crusing Yacht mentioned he’s her favourite crew member this season.

Kelliher mentioned she loves Pascoe’s humorousness however she additionally shared why he has shortly change into a fan favourite. Former chief stew Kate Chastain additionally mentioned Pascoe is her favourite crew member this season. “I really love David the deckhand,” she instructed Hollywood Life. “I think he gives great interview bites. He’s funny, he’s humble. But he’s got just a nice mix of being humble but also like confidence.” So why did Kelliher title him as her favourite … and may they date?

Why is David Pascoe excellent for ‘Below Deck Med’?

Kelliher joined Dani Soares and Alli Dore for his or her weekly Instagram Pita Party, which was once they recounted Pascoe’s epic wipeout on the present. “Oh my God, David’s fall was intense” Dore exclaimed. She laughed as a result of cameras captured her wiping out just a few instances throughout her season.

David Pascoe from Below Deck Mediterranean is Daisy Kelliher’s favourite crew member this season |Laurent Basset/Bravo

“Like full-on,” Kelliher agreed. “I was just telling the girls before, David has officially become my favorite cast member of the season.” Soares and Dore agree. “He is perfect for the show,” Kelliher continued. “Like he’s good at his job, his witty remarks. And he goes in full force with the drinking and trying to hook up with the girls. Like that fall just showed how committed to making …”

Why is David Pascoe Daisy Kelliher’s favourite ‘Below Deck Med’ crew member?

“And then he kept going!” Kelliher mentioned. “Like oh, it’s sore. Oh my gosh, you might have a blood clot or something.” Dore noticed that the harm appeared “really tender and swollen” too. However Dore additionally gave him credit score for doing the “aerial yoga” with Delaney Evans. However then will get dropped.

“She drops him!” Dore mentioned. “I was like no [laughs]! The injured one gets dropped.” Soares added that she too is a giant fan of Pascoe’s.

“Yeah, he’s just getting funnier,” Kelliher added. “And you can kinda see how for Below Deck, some people come on and like oh you need to hook up with someone. Or you need to be drama. Or you need to be this and that. But like no, you just need to be good at your job. And you need to embrace the experience. So you need to get drunk. And if you fancy someone you go for it. And you need to be willing to make a kind of fool of yourself. Which I think he’s kinda captured that in all.”

Should Daisy Kelliher and David Pascoe date?

Dore identified that Pascoe can be such an excellent particular person. “You can see that he’s not afraid to say it how it is,” she noticed. “But you can also see that he comes from good morals. Like his approach with things.” Soares added that Pascoe may be very respectful, even on his Instagram too.

“Daisy you should date him!” Dore exclaimed. They laughed and Kelliher questioned about Pascoe’s age. But in addition Kelliher added, “Second of all he’s way too nice for me. You know this.” Soares mentioned a pleasant man was precisely what Kelliher wants. “Yeah, you need to go for someone else!” Dore added.

However Kelliher insisted, “I would run f**king rings around him.” However Soares and Dore suppose now’s the time that Kelliher offers a pleasant man a shot. So … ought to they date?

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