B.J. Novak Revealed His Biggest Regret About ‘The Office’ and Why He Left the Show

B.J. Novak was the first individual employed on The Workplace, working as a author and enjoying temp Ryan Howard. He left the present in the ninth season, explaining in an interview with Dax Shepard on the Armchair Professional podcast that he felt like he “just couldn’t do it anymore.” Novak additionally shared his greatest remorse about The Workplace.

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B.J. Novak had one large remorse about his time on ‘The Office’

Throughout the Oct. 11 episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, Novak mentioned his time engaged on The Workplace and defined certainly one of his greatest regrets with the sequence.

In hindsight, Novak mentioned he needs he would have loved each little bit of The Workplace greater than he did. Shepard identified how The Workplace continues to be standard even after the sequence ended. “It’s bigger than it’s ever been,” he defined. “There are huge fans now of The Office that literally were one when it was out originally.”

He continued, asking Novak, “What part of the process did you like the most?”

Novak mirrored on how he wished he had loved every little thing extra at the time. “One of my biggest regrets was not enjoying any of it as much as I should have, now that I look back,” he defined. “And people say, ‘Wasn’t that incredible?’”

He continued, “Like, you’re never going to get that again — Steve Carell in the room, John [Krasinski], Jenna Fischer], Rainn [Wilson], those writers — like it’ll never happen again. Maybe something special will happen in a different way, but at the time, I was just so insecure, nervous.” Novak shared a few of his worries: “How long is this gonna last? Am I gonna get any lines in the next episode? Is my script gonna get rewritten? Am I gonna get fired? What happens when this show is canceled? Am I making the most of this moment?””

“I was so competitive and career-obsessed and self-obsessed… that I didn’t just relax,” Novak added. “I didn’t just relax and just let myself be one with The Office. I was still able to do some good work and enjoy some good times, but not nearly as much.”

Novak acquired burned out and left ‘The Office’

Novak determined he didn’t wish to proceed with the present in its final season, explaining to Shepard how he felt “burned out” from the expertise.

“You left before The Office ended,” Shepard famous. “And what took you away from there?”

Novak admitted there have been “a few things” that contributed to his determination to depart the hit present. “I was burnt out, Mindy [Kaling] had left. Carell had left. And they wanted a new showrunner and they asked if I would want to do that and I couldn’t imagine it. And I also couldn’t imagine just hanging around without it. And I just couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t have the love.”

Co-creator and author Greg Daniels requested Novak, “How can I keep you here.” Novak defined, “And I said, ‘Sometimes you just know when it’s time.’” It was one thing that Daniels understood nicely because it was the purpose he left SNL as a author.

Novak admitted that after the present, he went to work on The Mindy Venture however he had “kind of a breakdown,” including, “I was really burnt out and unhappy — and it was just time. And I had never really grown up.”

“I had never had to do anything for myself,” he shared. “I hadn’t learned how to do anything.”

Novak went on to clarify that he was “lost” for numerous years. “I felt lost and I wanted to feel lost after all that. I did not know who I was. I was part of this show but I did not know who I was… I was kind of a mess,” he admitted. “But I didn’t have people in my life, really. I had Mindy as a very close friend, but I didn’t have a relationship, I didn’t have a group of friends… and I didn’t have a path… I was very sad.”

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