Austin Butler’s Full Elvis Presley Concerts Will Be Shown In a New 4-Hour Version of the Movie

Actor Austin Butler introduced Elvis Presley to life on display screen in Baz Luhrmann’s epic 2022 biopic Elvis. Butler was intensely dedicated to the position all through the two years it took to movie it — a lot so that each live performance scene in the movie was really half of a full-length live performance whereas filming. Now, Luhrmann is able to launch all the full variations of Butler’s concert events in a new size model of the film.

Austin Butler | Lia Toby/Getty Pictures

Austin Butler filmed full concert events as Elvis Presley

Butler gave an inside take a look at the filming of each Elvis efficiency in the film in an interview with WSFM.

“The way that we approached every [concert performance] was, for one, Baz and I early on decided that when I was on stage, we weren’t going to have a moment where suddenly we’re talking about acting,” Butler stated. “So I would come on stage, like in Vegas, do the entire concert, curtain comes down, I walk off. So every time the audience is getting the experience of the show. And if we would cut for any reason, I would entertain the crowd as Elvis. It was the same thing as him having to make jokes to keep everyone entertained.”

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Baz Luhrmann needs to launch all of Austin Butler’s Elvis concert events in a new film

Luhrmann has spoken about a attainable prolonged model of the film that features Butler’s full performances and even a whole subplot devoted to Presley’s go to with President Richard Nixon. The complete model has a runtime of roughly 4 hours.

“I tell you what, all my tweets are nothing but, ‘We want the four-hour version! We want the four-hour version!’” director Baz Luhrmann instructed ScreenRant about it. “I think people are at my gates with pitchforks saying, ‘We want the four-hour version!’”

He didn’t shut the door to releasing it, nevertheless. “I don’t close my mind to the idea that there would be an extended cut. Right now, with how long it’s stayed in the theaters and how well it’s done, it’s crossed the line. But it’s done so well on HBO Max over the weekend, so it’s about the parent company going, ‘Wow, it’s really worth spending the money,’” he stated.

Luhrmann later stated that it’s not a matter of if, however when he’ll launch the four-hour model of Elvis. “It’s a directors’ assembly. It’s not a cut. There’s a whole lot of material that adds up to four hours, but I have gone on record now to say not today, not tomorrow, but at some point I would do [it],” Luhrmann instructed IndieWire of the prolonged film. “Because Austin did his concerts full out. He did all the numbers. Austin just did it and it was an out of body experience to watch him do those full concerts, so one day I will cut those full concerts together.”

Luhrmann and his staff have been dedicated to the live performance scenes from the get-go. “We just had all the cameras. [Cinematographer] Mandy Walker even got the lenses reproduced from the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s to match exactly everything,” he revealed.

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Austin Butler’s Oscar buzz

Nominations for the 2023 Academy Awards are set to be introduced on January 24, 2023, however Oscar buzz has been following Austin Butler since the film’s launch. Butler received his begin performing on common youngsters’ exhibits like Ned’s Declassified College Survival Information, Hannah Montana, iCarly, and Zoey 101, and transitioned into grownup roles in recent times with films like Quentin Tarantino‘s 2019 movie As soon as Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The 95th annual Academy Awards will likely be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and broadcast from Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre on March 12, 2023.

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