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Anne Hathaway Was Cast in ‘Get Smart’ Because She Was Able to Keep a Straight Face With Steve Carell

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Anne Hathaway as soon as shared what it took to work alongside Steve Carell in their very first film collectively.

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Actor Anne Hathaway teamed up with The Workplace star Steve Carell for the 2008 characteristic Get Good. Nevertheless it wasn’t simply her ability that helped her snag the half. Hathaway displayed a formidable skill to not snigger at her co-star’s antics.

How Anne Hathaway ended up in ‘Get Smart’

Anne Hathaway | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Get Smart was a 2008 comedy feature based on the 1960s series of the same name. The original television show was a parody of secret agent films like the James Bond franchise. Hathaway and Carell’s adaptation would preserve the spirit of the unique, however with a trendy twist. Carell performed an inexperienced agent coming into the sector for the primary time being paired with Hathaway’s tremendous spy. 

With Hathaway taking part in the extra severe function in the characteristic, it was vital that she maintained her composure throughout her companion’s hilarious antics. The Oscar-winner felt having the ability to keep severe was one of many causes she was picked to star alongside Carell.

“It’s almost impossible to keep up with him and match him joke for joke because he’s a genius at it and even if I were good at it I’m not a genius and I have very little experience doing it and he’s just Steve Carell. I mean it’s what he’s known for. So I don’t ever beat myself up for not being able to match him beat for beat but in the audition I was able to keep a straight face as he just went off and was making everyone else crack up, so I think that got me through the door,” she as soon as informed Collider.

Hathaway additional revealed that a lot of Carell’s traces in Get Good had been improvised, which Carell was already recognized for in The Workplace.

Anne Hathaway was nervous Steve Carell would suppose she was a stalker due to her ‘Office’ obsession

Like many individuals world wide, Hathaway confided that she was a enormous fan of The Workplace. A lot in order that she’d even watch the sequence throughout her downtime on the Get Good set. However she quipped she didn’t need Carell catching her watching his iconic sitcom.

“I’m always worried that Steve is going to someday come to my trailer to ask me a question and realize that I’m actually stalking him because I have it TiVo’d up the wahoo and I’m always watching it when I have 5 seconds. It’s one of my favorite series. I was a fan of the British version and I think the American one is done so brilliantly,” she stated.

Hathaway was additionally tempted to ask The Workplace star himself about sure spoilers in the sequence. However in the tip she felt it was greatest to maintain issues skilled.

“I figure it’s like asking a doctor to check you out while he’s at a dinner party, you know. So I try not to annoy him too much. Plus we are quite busy doing this movie but it’s usually hard enough for me to compliment him on an episode that I’ve seen,” Hathaway stated. “He’s just a wonderfully down to earth guy. He just kind of always brushes it off. I don’t mean hard enough because it’s a terrible show but I mean that could have been taken out of context. I mean, you want to keep the set as normal as possible, but he is this enormous comedy superstar and he makes you forget that. But every once in a while you step back into the world and you’re just struck by how good he is and how popular he is and it’s really cool to work with him.”

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