‘Andor’ Fans Think They’ve Found a Mistake With Cassian’s Character

The brand new sequence Andor explores the origins of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), a character launched to Star Wars followers in Rogue One. The primary three episodes present how Cassian discovered his means into the insurrection, however it additionally options flashbacks to his previous. Nevertheless, many followers imagine there may be a continuity error throughout the flashbacks. 

‘Andor’ focuses on the origins of Cassian Andor and his struggle towards the Empire

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor | Disney+

The primary three episodes of Andor premiered on Disney+ final week. They observe Cassian Andor earlier than he joined the Insurgent Alliance. He lives in a small group on Ferrix run by a personal army group known as the Pre-Mor. After an unlucky encounter forces him to go on the run, Cassian meets Luthen (Stellan Skarsgard), who convinces him to return with him and study extra about a small insurrection being fashioned. 

Star Wars followers who’ve seen Rogue One know Cassian finally turns into a high-ranking determine throughout the Insurgent Alliance. In Rogue One, Cassian says he has “been in this fight since [he] was six years old.” Nevertheless, many followers identified a element in Andor which will battle with this quote. 

Fans imagine there may very well be a mistake with Cassian’s character

A number of flashbacks within the first three episodes of Andor present Cassian (or Kassa) on his house planet of Kenari. He’s a child dwelling amongst a tribe of different children, alongside together with his sister. He and the others found a wrecked Separatist ship and have an encounter with one of many surviving troopers. Whereas studying extra about his background is intriguing, many followers took to Reddit to level out an error inside this scene.

Cassian says he has been within the struggle since was six, however followers are saying this may not make sense as a result of he appears a lot older than six in these flashbacks. Some Reddit customers speculated that one thing might have occurred to the adults on this planet that might result in Cassian having a hatred of oppressive governments. Others recommend we might see different flashbacks the place he’s youthful to point out what put him within the struggle at an excellent youthful age. 

Diego Luna says there may be a lot extra to find out about Cassian’s historical past

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Luna explains how Andor explores the character’s background. The Mexican actor says we’ll learn the way he has been within the struggle since he was six and what led to his hatred towards the Empire. 

“We’ll see what he means with being part of the fight since he was six years old. And through the course of these 12 episodes, we’ll understand what that background is. We’ll understand why Cassian sounds different than anyone else in Rogue One. No one has that accent. No one seems to come from where he comes from. We’ll get to understand that, and understand what that past really is. And what he means with the struggle, with the dark past, with being part of a fight since he was really young.”

“And I believe is a story of someone that has been forced to migrate and is a refugee. It’s someone that clearly has gone in this life through the experience of the Empire taking away everything. But that’s not just him, its so many people in this galaxy. And we have to go and witness how that feels in order to understand why a rebellion is needed.”

The primary three episodes of Andor are streaming on Disney+. 

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