All the Loose Ends in Season 1

There’s rather a lot to unpack in Netflix(*1*)s remaining questions; with out the promise of a season 2, we might by no means have the solutions.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for Kaleidoscope Season 1.]

Rosaline Elbay as Judy Goodwin, Paz Vega as Ava Mercer, Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pap, and Peter Mark Kendall as Stan Loomis in ‘Kaleidoscope’ Season 1 | Netflix

Did Leo die at the finish of ‘Kaleidoscope’ Season 1?

Regardless of its standing as a self-contained, restricted collection, Kaleidoscope ended on a reasonably large cliffhanger. In the last moments of the “Pink” episode, which occurred six months after the heist on the underground vault as SLS, Ray Vernon/Leo Pap (Giancarlo Esposito) walked alone by means of a darkish tunnel. Somebody in a kaleidoscope-themed T-shirt — presumably the son of Roger Salas (Rufus Sewell) — adopted Leo and shot him from behind. Nevertheless, the shot solely rang out after the episode light away, so viewers by no means noticed if Leo survived.

Contemplating the shut vary and the indisputable fact that the gun was aimed toward Leo’s head, survival didn’t appear possible. Nevertheless, Leo was positively a fighter, so there’s an opportunity he made it out of the tunnel alive. We actually hope so — the former thief deserves to lastly dwell in peace. Esposito agrees, as he revealed to TechRadar in a latest interview.

“I want Ray to walk through that tunnel and see Hannah again,” the actor stated. “I want him to have that final hug. Parkinson’s is a devastating, uncontrollable disease, but you can fight it and Ray has that fight in him again. As he walks, you don’t know if he makes it but, at this point of his journey, he doesn’t want any more loss. He just really wants to live.”

The place did Judy go together with the stolen cash?

One in all the solely survivors in Leo’s crew was Judy Goodwin (Rosaline Elbay). She bought again along with Stan Loomis (Peter Mark Kendall), however the couple struggled with cash after the heist. They occurred to be at the exact same seashore the place the FBI caught and killed Judy’s husband, Bob Goodwin (Jai Courtney), and Judy noticed a chance.

Throughout the shootout with Bob, Judy snuck away to his automobile and located stolen cash and passports. And although followers didn’t see her depart Stan behind, it’s implied that she drove off to start out her personal life.

“I think this is Judy figuring herself out and, maybe in a couple of years, she’ll call Stan and say, ‘Let’s set up a taco truck’. But she needs a few months to clear her head, so I think she leaves him there,” Elbay instructed TechRadar.

However the place was Judy headed? If she’s the just one who bought a cheerful ending, we wish to see what that appears like. Possibly she drove to Mexico to be with the monarch butterflies, similar to she talked about.

What occurred to Stan after Judy left?

On the different aspect of the state of affairs, we’ve Stan. Viewers final noticed him having fun with his tacos as Judy made her choice to go away. The place did he go from there? With the FBI in the neighborhood, it’s potential he was caught and arrested. In any case, he by accident tipped them off by making an attempt to pawn a diamond bracelet from the Diamond Manner heist. Even when he escaped, Stan was nonetheless having cash bother, so he in all probability didn’t have the identical blissful ending as Judy.

Who was the father of Hannah’s child in ‘Kaleidoscope’ Season 1?

In the weeks earlier than the heist, Ray/Leo’s daughter, Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle), discovered she was pregnant. She later had a child woman named Lily. Nevertheless, she by no means revealed who the father was. This element in all probability wasn’t necessary to the story, however many followers are dying to know anyway. What if it was Roger? That will have been a severely juicy twist.

Kaleidoscope is now streaming on Netflix.

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