Adriana’s Obsession With Kanye West’s Penis Was Last Season’s Low, and Kiki Barth Says She is Still Coming for Larsa

Kiki Barth from The Actual Housewives of Miami mirrored on what ended up being a low level for her on RHOM Season 4 – and it had all the things to do with Adriana de Moura’s obsession over seeing Kanye West’s penis.

Throughout dinner with de Moura and Lara Pippen, de Moura sunk her tooth right into a story about seeing Kanye West‘s penis in a bathroom – and wouldn’t let it go. Barth, who beforehand advised Showbiz Cheat Sheet she is very near Pippen, mentioned the second at dinner was about as cringe-worthy because it will get. And that de Moura continues to return for Pippen this season of RHOM.

Kiki mentioned mentioning Kanye West’s penis on ‘RHOM’ was off-topic

Barth mentioned the explanation the buddies received collectively was to seek out her a person. “For me, the worst part of the season was the whole conversation about Kanye’s d***. It was just annoying,” she mentioned on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “And then again, like I’m so new, I’m sitting here like, are we really talking about d***? Like I talk about d***s all the time, but there is someone here who talks more about d***s than me and she’s older.”

Larsa Pippen, Adriana de Moura | Bryan Bedder/Bravo through Getty Photos

“Oh my God. Adriana’s crazy,” she added. “Like it was a public restaurant. We are supposed to be here looking for a man for me. And we are sitting here talking about Kanye West’s d***. So I understand Larsa’s part that the whole thing that happened, she didn’t wanna talk about it because, at the end of the day, these were her friends.” 

Kiki Barth reveals why Larsa Pippen was so uncomfortable throughout the dialog

“Her kids still are still friends with these people, with this family,” Barth identified. “So when you bringing these things up, we on the show, you don’t know how it’s gonna come out. At the end of the day she’s sitting with us, they’re gonna think she was part of that whole conversation, but she really didn’t wanna have it. And Adriana kept pushing and pushing and pushing and it was like, can you just give it up? Let’s just stop talking about d***s. Like, OK you saw Kanye’s d*** like let it go.”

“So I was very annoyed. I said so much but obviously, nothing didn’t really get on. But I was pissed. I was really, really, really annoyed.”

Adriana is nonetheless coming for Larsa on ‘RHOM’ Season 5

Is Adrianna obsessive about the Kardashians? “We should invite Adriana in on this. Like why is she so obsessed with her?” Barth questioned. “That’s a question I would love to know too because the whole time was Larsa’s butt. Larsa is this. Larsa is that. I dunno why cause it’s nine of us, you know. She could pick anybody else. Why Larsa?”

“And she’s still coming for Larsa,” Barth added. “It’s going to be an amazing season.” 

And whereas rigidity stays, Barth mentioned the forged is lots nearer this season. “We were close last season. You gonna see we are way closer as a group in general,” she revealed. “And then I think we all kind of got to know each other a bit more. Because some of us were really, really good friends and some of us were kind of like new friends or people that we hang out with but were not really that tight. But this time I feel like all of us … it’s like a whole connection. It’s like when we are all together, we are all together.”

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