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A Major Clue That Kanan Taught Tommy Everything He Knows

Energy Guide III: Elevating Kanan acts as a prequel to your complete Energy Universe. We all know that Kanan Stark (Mekai Curtis in Elevating Kanan and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in Energy), had a hand in shaping Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Ghost (Omari Hardwick) into the lads they turned.

There may be even a significant clue in Energy that Tommy realized straight from Kanan.

Joseph Sikora as his ‘Power’ character Tommy Egan | Starz

Tommy and Ghost meet Kanan in 1996

Since Energy Guide III: Elevating Kanan is Kanan’s origin story and we all know that Kanan meets Ghost and Tommy as teenagers, folks have been determined to see the youthful variations of the characters cross paths. Nonetheless, that received’t occur for a while. Elevating Kanan season 1 is ready in 1991 and season 2 jumps ahead barely to 1993.

The three males don’t cross paths till round 1996. “A lot of people thought they wanted to see Ghost and Tommy as kids. But that’s not an interesting story to me,” Energy creator Courtney Kemp advised TVLine. “With Ghost and Tommy, you know that they’re going to live. We really get into what 50 Cent calls the golden era of drug dealing in South Jamaica Queens,” she continued. “You get to visit that time period, and I thought this was a much more interesting way of doing it. I just hate being asked about Ghost and Tommy in the prequel. Ghost and Tommy are 10 years old at the start of this series. There is no conversation we need to have about them right now, because they are children in the fifth grade. And I know the whole Power universe is going to be like, ‘Where is Ghost and Tommy?’”

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Kanan taught Tommy every part he is aware of

Nonetheless followers of Energy can see traces of Kanan within the first season earlier than we even knew the character existed. In any case, Kanan taught Tommy and Ghost every part they know. In Energy Season 1, Tommy burns a person alive who he believes is a trailer. Within the pilot of Elevating Kanan, we study that Raq’s (Patina Miller) boyfriend Excessive Submit was burned alive for snitching.

Clearly, that was one thing that was ingrained into Kanan and he handed it on to his protegees.

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We might meet Breeze in ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ Season 2

Although we received’t see a younger Tommy and Ghost on Elevating Kanan for a while, Breeze, Kanan’s mentor might make an look in season 2.

We all know that ultimately, Kanan breaks away from his household to workforce up with Breeze and the pair kind their very own drug group. In the end, Ghost betrays them each and takes the enterprise for himself and Tommy.

Although Breeze gave Ghost his nickname, Ghost killed Breeze when he wished to advance within the enterprise. “I was your age when I killed him. I killed Breeze because he got in the way of my future,” he advised his son Tariq (Micharl Rainey Jr.) in an episode from Energy Season 6.

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