6 Burning Questions the ‘Child’s Play’ TV Series Must Answer

Chucky premiered Oct. 12 on USA and Syfy. It’s a model new introduction to the world of the killer doll for brand spanking new horror viewers. Nevertheless, lifelong horror followers have a whole lot of questions they hope this collection can reply. Listed here are 6 burning questions that followers who’ve been watching since Little one’s Play will need the collection to reply. Chucky airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Syfy and USA.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the Chucky movies.]

Zackary Arthur | Steve Wilkie/SYFY

The place is Andy after ‘Cult of Chucky’?

Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) was the unfortunate child who received the Good Man doll possessed by Charles Lee Ray in 1988. Ray continued to traumatize Andy’s childhood till Andy got here again for revenge at the finish of Curse of Chucky.

Grown-up Andy had an enormous position in Cult of Chucky. Final we noticed, Chucky and Tiffany locked Andy in the establishment. We all know he’s again in the collection however he wasn’t in the collection premiere. 

What number of Chuckys are there now?

Most of the Little one’s Play and Chucky motion pictures solely had one Chucky. Tiffany turned his companion in crime in Bride. In Cult of Chucky, Charles Lee Ray discovered to own a number of dolls concurrently. By the finish of the film there have been 4 foul-mouthed killer dolls.

Alyvia Alyn Lind tries to take Chucky from Zackary Arthur
L-R: Alyvia Alyn Lind and Zackary Arthur | Steve Wilkie/SYFY

That was a reasonably daring twist so as to add to the collection mythology. It’s comprehensible to scale it again in the collection each to introduce new viewers regularly, and to get again to fundamentals. However, they’ve established a brand new voodoo energy. Will he use it once more?

Is she Tiffany or Jennifer Tilly?

Jennifer Tilly joined the franchise in 1998’s Bride. She performed Ray’s real-life girlfriend Tiffany. Chucky killed her and put her soul in a doll like him. Seed of Chucky picked up the place Bride left off. 

Tilly performed herself as an actor solid in the film about the Chucky murders. The possessed dolls kidnapped Tilly on the set and Tiffany efficiently possessed her. In Curse and Cult, she has proven up as Tiffany however there are jokes about her resemblance to Tilly. So, who’s she now? Has she taken over Tilly’s life exterior the franchise or did she simply reclaim herself as Tiffany?

Is Nica Chucky now?

Curse launched Nica (Fiona Dourif, Brad’s daughter). She survived the doll’s first assault however was dedicated to an establishment in Cult for her story. Since Ray discovered new voodoo magic in Cult, he didn’t solely possess extra dolls. 

Ray’s victory over Nica wasn’t killing her. He truly possessed her physique. Nica was in a wheelchair (as a result of Ray stabbed her mom in the abdomen whereas she was pregnant). However as soon as Ray took over her physique, he made her stroll too. Fiona Dourif has been solid in the collection, so we’ll see if she seems as Ray or her outdated self. 

The place is Glen or Glenda?

Chucky mentions he had a gender fluid child. This was the results of two possessed dolls having intercourse and procreating in Bride of Chucky. Despite the fact that each Chucky and Tiffany had been anatomically appropriate, Glen or Glenda (voice of Billy Boyd) was born with no anatomy. Due to this fact they by no means knew which gender they had been. They had been the Seed of Chucky.

Zackary Arthur picks up Chucky at a yard sale
Zackary Arthur | Steve Wilkie/SYFY

Glen or Glenda has not appeared since the 2004 film Seed of Chucky. If Chucky nonetheless thinks about them, the followers actually surprise the place they’re, too.

The place is Karen Barclay?

The largest query of the collection has been Andy’s mom. Little one’s Play 2 explains she was dedicated and Andy put in foster care. That will have been so simple as Katherine Hicks didn’t need to return for the sequele (or they couldn’t afford her). Nevertheless, many years have handed since then. 

Andy remains to be residing his life. He’s nonetheless obsessive about Chucky, as one can be. Hopefully Karen remains to be alive and skilled some therapeutic. The Barclays deserve a traditional, blissful life. Maybe Andy will fill us in on his mom’s whereabouts when he returns to the collection. 

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