50 Cent and Nas Once Feuded Over Jennifer Lopez

50 Cent has been identified for entering into feuds with a number of rappers within the business. A kind of rappers was Nas, who, previous to their feud, he admitted being associates with. Though they feuded for a lot of causes, there was some extent of their careers the place Jennifer Lopez was on the heart of their rivalry.

Nas was the primary one who helped 50 Cent with out anticipating one thing in return

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Nas and 50 Cent’s relationship go far again. Earlier than the ‘In Da Club’ hitmaker was signed to Eminem, he had a small take care of Columbia information that wasn’t as profitable. However his peer on the time, Nas, helped assist 50 Cent whereas he was nonetheless an up-and-comer.

“Nas was the first person to do something for nothing for me,” 50 Cent as soon as advised MTV (through Beats, Rhymes Lists). “He allowed me to go on his promo tour for Nastradamus in 1999]. He said, ‘The way you came out with that record [‘How to Rob’], it felt like when I came out [with ‘Illmatic’]. He wanted me to be out there. Me and Tony Yayo, we went on that promo tour. At that point, me and Nas was cool.”

Nas and 50 Cent as soon as feuded over Jennifer Lopez

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In 2005, 50 Cent launched the file ‘Piggybank,’ which noticed him focusing on varied hip-hop artists. Nas was additionally talked about and ridiculed on the hit file, which prompted Nas to retaliate along with his personal diss observe. Nas shared one of many causes for his battle with 50 Cent was as a consequence of a music he did with Jennifer Lopez.

In line with Nas, 50 Cent was initially alleged to do the music with Lopez again within the earlier days of 50 Cent’s profession. However the hip-hop artist was changed in favor of Nas, who was a a lot larger artist on the time. Nas believed 50 Cent held a little bit of a grudge towards him afterward.

“50 has been saying some s*** since he came out in 2002. He said I did a song with Jennifer Lopez and I wasn’t supposed to because he did a song with her,” Nas as soon as stated in accordance with Contact Music. “So he’s like a kid living in a hip-hop fantasy world. J.Lo is a friend of mine, if she wants to do a record, I’m doing a record with her. 50 was like a little brother to me.”

On the time, Nas cautioned 50 Cent towards feuding with him, implying that former rival Jay-Z retired due to him.

However chatting with DJ Clue in an interview, 50 Cent shared that he wasn’t essentially offended at Nas for collaborating with Lopez.

“I wasn’t mad that he did the record, I was mad because he didn’t call me,” 50 Cent stated in accordance with Infamous Clips.

Nas wasn’t positive a younger 50 Cent was going to make it

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Nas as soon as admitted that when the Energy creator began out, he wasn’t positive if the then-young rapper would achieve success. That was as a result of, even again then, the Queensbridge emcee was vulnerable to drama. Hot New Hip-Hop as soon as reported that Nas opened up about their relationship at a press convention.

“My man used to hang with me all the time. I mean, studio vibes. We went on tours together,” Nas stated. “Me and Fif, we go super back. I remember 50 wildin’ out. Wildin’ out on the tours, like, you know, gettin’ into drama in different states and everything. I’m like, ‘Is this kid gonna make it?’”

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