4 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Andor shouldn’t be a Star Wars collection crammed with nostalgic fan service. Nevertheless, there are nonetheless minor particulars that followers will respect and place the collection inside the bigger universe. Episode one in every of Andor introduces audiences to a darker and extra mature model of Star Wars, however there are nonetheless some easter eggs to look out for. 

Listed here are 4 easter eggs from ‘Andor’ episode 1 you might need missed

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BBY 5 seems onscreen on the very starting of episode one. This means the place this collection takes place inside the Star Wars timeline. BBY 5 is an acronym that stands for Earlier than the Battle of Yavin, which is the battle in Episode IV — A New Hope when Luke Skywalker blew up the demise star. 

Andor takes place 5 years earlier than this battle which additionally means it’s set 5 years earlier than Rogue One. The collection exhibits how Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) joined the Insurgent Alliance, which is able to finally result in the occasions of Rogue One

Y-Wing Bomber

In Andor episode one, Cassian goes to a shipyard that’s crammed with numerous easter eggs. In an overhead shot, eager observers can discover just a few acquainted ships, together with a T-47 Snowspeeder and a Y-Wing Bomber. The Y-Wing Bomber was a ship utilized by the Galactic Republic in the course of the Clone Wars and plenty of Y-Wing fashions could be utilized by the Insurgent Alliance within the Galactic Civil Struggle. 

In accordance with Fansided, there may be additionally a mannequin that resembles The Bestoon Legacy. The Bestoon Legacy was seen in Rey’s flashback in Episode VII — The Drive Awakens, and in Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker, it was revealed that the ship belonged to a Sith murderer named Ochi of Bestoon. The mannequin itself has no identify, however it’s the primary time it’s appeared within the universe exterior of the sequel trilogy. 



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Wobani could sound acquainted to Rogue One followers. Timm (James McArdle) asks Cassian and Bix “Are we bidding on the Wobani run tomorrow?” It’s unclear what the context of that assertion is, however Wobani being talked about is a notable easter egg in Andor

In Rogue One, Wobani is the planet the place we met an grownup Jyn Erso on the film’s starting. It’s a planet utilized by the Empire as a detention middle and labor camp. 

Cassian’s flashbacks

The primary episode of Andor introduces audiences to Cassian’s backstory by way of numerous flashbacks. The flashbacks present viewers his life on Kenari and the tribe he belonged to. It additionally exhibits his encounter with a crashed separatist ship from the Clone Wars. 

Whereas this may not seem to be a hidden easter egg, it does add a connection to Rogue One. Cassian tells Jyn he has been on this battle since he was six years previous, and these glimpses of his previous showcase how lengthy combating towards galactic governments has been part of his life. Tony Gilroy isn’t placing fixed fan service into this collection, however there are small particulars that hook up with Cassian’s story. 

The primary three episodes of Andor are streaming on Disney+. 

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