10 of the Most Popular Terms Used on ‘Big Brother’ and What They Mean

Like The Bachelor franchise and Jersey ShoreMassive Brother is a actuality present that comes with a novel vocabulary. Whether or not you’ve been tuning in because it premiered in July 2000 otherwise you’re a brand new fan, listed below are 10 generally used phrases on the CBS competitors sequence and what they imply.

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‘Big Brother’ stars use ‘floater’ to explain a non-threatening participant 

“Floater” describes a housemate who has confirmed themselves to be a non-threat. They usually don’t win many competitions, however they get together with everybody in the home. This permits them to “float through” the competitors with few nominations for eviction. These gamers is perhaps the most likable folks in the Massive Brother home, however the time period hardly ever defines a winner. 

‘Head of House’ is a weekly title 

Every week, one Massive Brother contestant is deemed the “Head of House” after successful the mini-game competitors for that week. This grants immunity from eviction and entry the “HOH” room for the week. 

Being “Head of House” isn’t all enjoyable, although. The “HOH” should nominate two of their Massive Brother housemates for elimination. 

Being ‘on the block’ is a adverse ‘Big Brother’ time period

When a housemate is up for eviction, Massive Brother gamers use the terminology “on the block” to explain their scenario. Being “on the block” means the chance of exiting the recreation, relying on how the voting goes. Nevertheless, housemates “on the block” can all the time take themselves off with one other Massive Brother time period that’s additionally a technique — “Power of Veto.” 

‘Power of Veto (POV)’ can stop an elimination

The 2 HOH-nominated housemates “on the block” compete for the “Power of Veto,” a chance to stay in the recreation one other week. “POV” competitions can go both means as a result of they’re between everybody in the home, not simply the gamers “on the block.” 

The ‘diary room’ is the place ‘Big Brother’ contestants conduct interviews 

No actuality present is full with out a confessional-style interview. Producers ask Massive Brother contestants questions in the “diary room,” which the housemates use to explain the area the place they discuss no matter goes on in the home. 

‘Pawn’ is a time period that describes somebody the ‘HOH’ makes use of for private achieve 

When a “HOH” has a transparent goal in thoughts for eviction, they’ll put a “pawn” — a likable houseguest who’s at low threat of getting eradicated — “on the block.” On this means, they’re primarily forcing others to vote for his or her fundamental goal. 

‘Showmance’s are frequent on ‘Big Brother’ 

A “showmance,” or show-based romance, will usually occur in a contest present like Massive Brother. Usually, growing a “showmance” is a strategic transfer on the couple’s half, however one which places a goal on their backs. 

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‘Competition beasts’ are ‘Big Brother’ winners

This time period describes a housemate with the potential to win lots of competitions. Most Massive Brother “competition beasts” are bodily athletic. 

‘Blood on my hands’ comes up in virtually each episode 

In Massive Brother, “blood on my hands” is a generally used phrase which means somebody upset the different rivals. An enormous half of the recreation is gaining different gamers’ belief and it’s necessary to keep up relationships, but it surely’s straightforward to incorrect one other competitor and depart “blood on your hands.” For instance, placing a “comp beast” “on the block” is a typical means rivals get “blood on their hands.” 

Competing on ‘Big Brother’ is all about forming ‘alliances’

One other wildly standard Massive Brother time period is “alliance.” Individuals in an “alliance” pledge to make most choices collectively, like who to focus on and who to guard. These allegiances are the bread and butter of the sequence, as rivals begin forming them virtually instantly. 

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