1 Star Says You Should Listen to His Music After Listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones


The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have been the 2 defining bands of the Sixties. Certainly, any artist who cut up the distinction between them would discover an viewers.

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The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have been the 2 defining bands of the Sixties. Certainly, any artist who cut up the distinction between them would discover an viewers. A singer who noticed himself as the center floor between the 2 bands was huge within the Sixties — however solely within the Sixties.

A fellow British Invasion artist in contrast his music to The Beatles’ and The Rolling Stones’

Donovan is a people singer who turned one of many icons of the British Invasion. He’s recognized for hits resembling “Hurdy Gurdy Man” and “Mellow Yellow,” in addition to the favored album observe “Season of the Witch.” Notably, Donovan’s album Sunshine Superman turned one of many foundational texts of the psychedelic rock subgenre.

Throughout a 2018 interview with Goldmine, Donovan defined his musical fashion. “Once you’ve romanced your darling with The Beatles, once you’ve rocked and rolled with The Rolling Stones, later in the evening you’d put on a Donovan record to enter yet another place between the love songs and hot rock,” he mentioned. “I had been doing all this quite naturally not really thinking too much about it. It’s only in later years did I realize a lot of this.” Whereas two of Donovan’s huge hits are love songs — “Sunshine Superman” and “Atlantis” — he additionally launched “hot rock” songs like “Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot),” a collaboration with the Jeff Beck Group, and his Alice Cooper duet “Billion Dollar Babies.”

Donovan defined the defining sound of the Sixties

Notably, Donovan went psychedelic in 1966, the yr earlier than The Beatles launched Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Membership Band and The Rolling Stones launched Their Satanic Majesties Request. A reporter requested the “Catch the Wind” singer to outline psychedelia. “Psychedelia is not only a few lyrics about getting high, although that’s part of it,” he opined. “It’s a temper.

“You probably know much younger new psychedelic bands today who would much rather play a song on stage for over 20 minutes with no words,” he added. “It’s not that they’re high onstage. It’s very hard to perform music when you’re high. Very few bands took acid and then went onstage. It’s almost impossible. The idea for a psychedelic sound is a chill sound, a sound having a distinct effect upon the central nervous system.”

What made Donovan totally different from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

One principal distinction between The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Donovan is their profession paths. The Beatles infamously broke up in 1970 and every member of the group managed to have a string of solo hits in the course of the Seventies. However, The Rolling Stones have stayed collectively to at the present time and continued their run of hits into the Nineties, making them one of the vital enduring bands within the historical past of rock ‘n’ roll.

In the meantime, issues went in a different way for Donovan. He hit on a sound that was so quintessentially Sixties that he didn’t handle to discover any main success afterward. “Billion Dollar Babies” is the one tune he launched after the Sixties that garnered any actual consideration and didn’t attain the highest 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. After that, Donovan made some attention-grabbing decisions, resembling collaborating with legendary hip-hop producer Rick Rubin on the file Sutras, however his time as a pop star was over.

No matter the place life took them, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Donovan all the time knew how to make attention-grabbing music.


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