1 Season 5 Plotline Was So Bad Fans Always Forget About It

Fans dearly miss The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff The Originals. With Legacies canceled and a fourth collection but to get greenlit, TVD diehards are pressured to revisit older materials. However one (*1*). The present initially hinted at them within the season 2 episode “Katarina,” when Katherine Pierce seems as a Traveler witch earlier than changing into a vampire. TVD fleshed out and revisited the idea for season 5, starting with the episode “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

The Vacationers are a disbanded coven of historic witches banned from gathering and performing Earth Magic. They spent the previous couple thousand years discovering exceptions to these guidelines and making enemies with the vampire world. The group resorts to more and more twisted strategies to regain energy, with Silas, Amara, and Qetsiyah as central figures within the plot — till all three die.

The core subject: The Vacationers had been far too straightforward to kill, making them unthreatening relative to different TVD baddies. After their convoluted, principally inconsequential recurring presence in season 5, the Vacationers pale from the collection nearly completely. Katherine returns as a Traveler within the season finale, “I Was Feeling Epic,” as the one nod for the reason that center of TVD‘s eight-season run.

Fans are unimpressed by the Vacationers in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 5

Since The Vampire Diaries ended, viewer opinion of the Vacationers has solely declined. It’s the worst sort of criticism for a present as wild as TVD typically was: Many followers assume it was merely boring.

Reddit consumer Mandymae72 began a thread on their rewatch three months in the past. They wrote, “Am I the only one who hates the whole ‘Traveler’ part of season 5?? I just think it’s dumb!”

The various replies vary from settlement to tips about when to skip the remainder of season 5.

A newer (*5*) thread by consumer buffyandwillowbtvs mirrors that sentiment: “Am I the only one who literally doesn’t remember almost everything about the Travelers’ arc during Season 5??”

Different followers agree. This time, they get into specifics about how they really feel confused and bored, even calling the plot “lowkey racist.”

Had been the Vacationers essential to the present’s total arc?

Taking a look at all that wall-to-wall fandom hate, is there something optimistic in regards to the Vacationers? Had been they a minimum of useful to the collection total?

In accordance with Screen Rant, a minimum of one second counted: Wes Maxfield’s Ripper serum. The Vacationers helped invent the vampire-killing components, which had repercussions for the remainder of the collection.

However exterior that one element, the Vacationers are largely irrelevant to The Vampire Diaries. One other Reddit fan, Icy_Emerald, defined it finest:

“All of the other villains in TVD are given flashbacks — the Council, Klaus, Esther, Silas, Kai, and the Sirens/Cade. The only exception is Markos and the Travelers.”

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