1 Rock Star Said John Lennon ‘Had a Dark Side’


One among John Lennon’s fellow Nineteen Sixties rock stars mentioned the Beatle’s “positively vitriolic” conduct at size. He nonetheless defended John.

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John Lennon was each the dreamer who wrote “Imagine” and somebody with a darkish facet. One among his fellow Nineteen Sixties rock stars mentioned John’s “positively vitriolic” conduct at size. He nonetheless defended the previous Beatle.

A rock star mentioned John Lennon had a ‘dark side’ however Liverpool did too

Donovan is a rock star who advanced from Scotland’s Bob Dylan into a psychedelic mystic in a very brief time period. Donovan crossed paths with The Beatles a number of instances throughout the Nineteen Sixties. The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits says he helped write The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine,” which is smart as a result of lots of Donovan’s songs really feel like oddball nursery rhymes. In a manner, Paul McCartney returned the favor by contributing vocals to Donovan’s personal yellow-themed hit “Mellow Yellow.”

For a while, John has had a twin public picture as each a troubled man and a saintly peace activist. Throughout a 2018 interview with Goldmine, Donovan talked in regards to the former. “John had a dark side, yes, but so did Liverpool itself,” the Hurdy Gurdy Man opined. “John was a lot like those swaggering sailors who’d dock and drink and cut you to ribbons with terse comments if they didn’t like you. They’d have a go at anyone. And so would The Beatles. Especially John.”

Donovan appeared to attribute John’s darkish facet to his parental points. “Don’t forget, he lost his mom twice and nobody, but nobody, had the extreme fame and fortune experience those four guys had,” the “Season of the Witch” star mentioned. “So when John let off steam — although he never did it with me — it became verbally cutting. He had a tongue on him that was positively vitriolic.”

Donovan thought that darkish facet had an upside

Donovan felt individuals didn’t all the time have a drawback with John’s razor-sharp tongue. “You don’t mind it when it’s in his songs, do you?” he mentioned. “Well, he was like that in private or with lots of people around. You remember American fans burning Beatles records, don’t you? Imagine you were in that position. People always expect you to be nice. John couldn’t be nice all the time.”

The “Mellow Yellow” singer nonetheless put up a protection for John. He felt that John’s wit was hilarious. He additionally famous that John handled him properly and by no means noticed him as a menace. Donovan noticed himself as a member of a fraternity of folks rockers that included John, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Younger, Joni Mitchell, and others.

What John Lennon considered himself

Whereas John wrote lovely songs like “All You Need Is Love” and “Happy Xmas (War Is Over),” he knew he had a darkish facet. Within the ebook All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the previous Beatle mentioned he had problem expressing himself throughout the Nineteen Sixties. This brought on him to get into bodily fights with different males.

Nonetheless, John didn’t see himself as a hypocrite. He sincerely believed in peace and love and sang about these subjects as a result of he knew how ugly violence was. In his opinion, probably the most violent individuals had been those who embraced peace and love.

Donovan noticed John’s darkish and light-weight sides, and so did lots of John’s followers.


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